Monday, June 11

Little Sister

The girls were so excited to meet their new sister.     Biddy was especially sweet with her.  She was in awe that Nellie was out of my tummy and that she was so cute!  JJ and Zana were able to help dress her in the special outfit they bought for her. They also  made Nellie special cards to welcome her into the family.




Nellie’s First Diaper Change


Love from Mommy


Burke Surprised me with fresh Lobster Tail Pastries from Mike’s Pastry's.  He had them flown in by a co-worker from Boston who was coming to Texas for a meeting.  It was such a wonderful present and so thoughtful.


The girls carried on the family tradition of playing with latex gloves when you are bored at the hospital IMG_0701

Welcome Nellie Kate

We welcomed sweet Nellie into the world on June 11th 2012.  She was 7lb 10 oz and 20.5” long.  She was an easy labor and delivery.  It was made all the more special because my Mom was there for her birth. 

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Before and After shots of the belly.  The miracle of birth amazes me ever time.