Sunday, June 8

Happy Birthday Susanna

We are so excited that Susanna has turned TWO!! We had lots of fun celebrating twice. We celebrated on her Birthday with a few friends and some yummy cake. And then again while I was in UT with Grandma, Papa, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I am so proud of my little girl. She is talking so much, learning to be so independent and has even given up her binki. She loves to play "big girl" games with Jennah and has the cutest little laugh you have ever heard. Luckily for me she still likes to cuddle and hear me sing her favorite songs. We love you Susanna

The Castle

Burke and I wanted to get the girls a playhouse for the yard and after a long search I decided that building one would be the most economic and special. I found several ideas on-line and Burke helped me create a plan for our own Castle Tower playhouse. It is 8' tall, 5' wide and has two levels. Burke did a wonderful job cutting the wood and building the octagonal frames that support the walls and the second story floor. It has a trap door and a ladder. The Sister Missionaries and my Seminary students helped me paint and sponge the stone walls and I added the detail work on the wood door and climbing roses. I am planning on doing more roses on the front of the castle when I get home from UT. As you can see the girls love their castle. We finished it in time for Susanna's 2nd birthday so it made a great present. Amazingly we completed the entire project for under $100.