Sunday, May 31


Burke earned a great opportunity to attend Squadron Officer School (SOS) in Montgomery Alabama. It is a training school that all Captains in the Air Force must attend if they want to be promoted. Only a select number of Civilians are invited to attend and Burke was one of two civil ans at his session. I decided to go to UT while he was in Alabama and we had lots of fun. But before we get to all that I wanted you to see what Burke was up to for five long weeks.

This is Burke's flight or "team"

Each flight competed for rank by earning points. Points were earned in and out of the classroom. Lectures, tests, presentations, problem solving tasks and other homework took up about 75% of their time. The other 25% came from the Physical Activities and Field Tasks they competed in as flights. The following pics are of the "fun stuff" Burke participated in. Burke's flight ranked 7th out of 35. Not to Shabby:)

This game was created specifically for SOS. It was very rule intensive so the goal was to make sure your team studied together and practiced together effectively. It was not as much about athleticism as it was about team work. They won two out of three games they played.

Who is that tan, buff ,handsome man?

It is MY husband!!!

Here Burke is leading the flight in a problem solving game.

I think they mean business!!!

The Field Tasks included an obstacle coarse that required a tremendous amount of teamwork and problem solving skills to complete.

How do we get our entire flight plus first aide kit across this "river" using a step ladder and a rope that are too short?

Good thing Burke is here to help us figure it out!

Conquering the "River"

Cheering on the rest of the flight.

Friday, May 29

Congratulations Burke

Over the last three years Burke has been spending nights and weekends watching class and studying his tail off in order to earn his MBA. Well by the end of the summer all his hard work will have paid off. Burke will be the proud recipient of a Masters of Business Administration from Auburn University Alabama. To celebrate his upcoming achievement I threw Burke a Graduation Party while we were in UT. It was also a farewell party for us since we flew out the next morning. I took tons of pictures of everybody since it was Goodbye. Enjoy the photo bombardment of all our family and friends who came to wish Burke well.

Johnson Family Pictures

My Brother in law Daniel is a hobby photographer. I have been wanting a good family photo for ages and some cute pictures of my girls as well. I could not pass up the opportunity for Daniel to do a photo shoot with us. A few days before we left we finally found an evening free. Yet as fortune would have it, an hour before pictures the Doctor was diagnosing Liddy with an ear infection and a croup cough. During the photo shoot Burke came down with the Stomach Flu and then Susanna.... what was wrong with her you ask? She was THREE. Anyway considering the material he had to work with I think these pictures came out beautiful. I love them and am glad that we did the photo shoot despite the circumstances.

Jennah loved getting her picture taken .
She did exactly what Uncle Daniel told her to do.

I love her pictures!!!
Susanna did not want her picture taken and refused to hold still. Daniel just clicked away and we prayed he would capture something. Amazingly he DID!!

Her True Colors

Liddy Ann
No Pictures of Liddy she started screaming the minute we set her down.

This picture makes me smile. Susanna would not sit in the picture she wanted to sit on a rock clear over on the other side of the garden. We found this rock and all took turns admiring it until she agreed that she could sit on that rock. As soon as we set Liddy down she was screaming so we gave her a flower then Susanna was upset because she wanted to hold something too. Jennah found the duck feathers so that helped. Then Ashley and I made a complete fool of ourselves convincing them to look up at the camera. What priceless memories!!!
Our Family