Tuesday, May 13

Always Wear Safty Goggles

So I know we hear it all the time.... It doesn't matter how big or small the project is you should "ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES". But what man do you know, who when hammering a single nail into apiece of wood, actually puts on goggles? Well after last night Burke will be that man.

A freak accident with a nail bouncing off the wood and hitting Burke in the eye sent us to the ER last night. After hours in the ER here in Gardner, a quick trip in an ambulance to Mass General Eye and Ear in Boston, a CAT scan, and two exams by specialized ophthalmologists we learned ( at 2AM this morning) that Burke's eye is going to heal properly. He did not need to have surgery as the cut in the outer membrane of his eye stopped right at the inner membrane critical to keep integrity of the inner eye.

What a miracle and a blessing. It could have been so much worse. We owe our gratitude to the Lord who through a beatiful preishood blessing assured Burke that "his body would heal itself." It truly will. Burke has a very bruised retina, a scratched cornea, a tear to his outer membrane and lots of eye drops. He has to wear a patch for the rest of the week, with no driving, no reading, and no major "muscular" activity with the eye so it can heal properly. If the bleeding does not return it should heal 100%.

I must say I am the most exhausted pregnant mommy today and am so glad we had wonderful ward members to stay with the girls last night and help me take a nap today. Thanks to those who prayed for Burke we are truly blessed that he is going to have is perfect 20/20 once again.

Monday, May 12


One of my friends lost her sister on Saturday. She was 23 and serving a full time mission for the LDS church when she collapsed and died of heart failure. I feel so deeply for her loss and can't help but ponder on the pain and heart-break losing a sister would cause. I love my sisters so much and wanted to tell them just how grateful I am for each of the wonderful and unique relationships I have with them. Their examples teach me, their words strengthen me and their spirits life me. Mys sisters are such a part of who I am today and what I will continue to be. For those of you who have sisters tell them how much you love them. To my dear friend who lost her sister what a blessing to know that the special bond that exists between sisters is eternal. She will always be your sister and I will always have my sisters. That is truly a blessing worth remembering today.

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