Sunday, May 18

Susanna’s Baptism

Sunday May 18th 5:30 PM Fairborn, OH

DSCF1833DSCF1824Rainbow Baptism Subway Art

Susanna was all smiles for the big event!!


The music was sweet, the prayers were powerful, and the talks were uplifting.  


Burke performed the baptism perfectly.  Grandpa and a good family friend Dennis were the witnesses.  After her baptism Susanna was all smiles. I don’t want to forget the cute conversation we had in the changing room while she was still dripping wet wet and shivering….

“So how do you feel?”

“Happy! It’s like I went swimming with my clothes on!”

“So do you remember when you said you weren’t sure if you had ever felt the spirit?  What do you think now?”

“I felt it Mommy.”

The spirit of the Holy Ghost was felt very strong during her baptism and was especially powerful during her Confirmation.  Burke gave Susanna a beautiful blessing.  Once again she was all smiles as she hugged her Daddy and Grandpa and shook Bro. Moody’s hand.  Susanna struggles with being the center of attention so I wondered how she would handle all the attention she would receive at her baptism.  She was not anxious at all!  I could tell that she was feeling the spirit and it calmed her and allowed her to feel all the joy and love in the room.  She sang all the songs, listened attentively to every word of the talks, looked everyone right in the eyes and thanked them for coming.  She laughed. She smiled.  She was truly radiant!


Susanna loved her new scriptures!!


Katie made beautiful cakes- lemon with delicious creamy frosting.  They were a big hit!!


and now here are a bunch of candid photos so we always remember who came to the baptism. . . .


Susanna got some wonderful gifts from family and friends. 


No special event is complete without a little dancing!!


The photo bombardment continues. . .





Her smile sums up how we all felt that day!!

Saturday, May 10

Baptism Photos

Wergerzyn Gardens was the perfect backdrop for Susanna’s photo shoot.  It was lots of fun to take pictures together.  She is such a photogenic girl that she made me and my i-phone look pretty professional.  I made the sash and hairclip in different shades of her favorite color yellow to personalize her dress.  Her new sparkly shoes and my wedding pearls were the perfect accessories. We used the photos on the baptism announcement we mailed to family and friends all over the country.