Tuesday, June 22

Wednesday in Nauvoo



The Nauvoo Temple  


Built in 1844 the Temple was burned by mobs as the Saints were driven from Nauvoo.  It was re-built by the Church in 2002.  The Temple was so beautiful and is truly a testament to the sacrifice of the early Saints. 




Horse Drawn Wagon Ride through historic Nauvoo


A view of the Mississippi River from Parley Street100_4451

Biddy was very tired so we had to exit the ride a little early and say goodbye to Nauvoo. 100_4453

We drove out to Carthage Jail so she could nap.  I had the opportunity to tour the jail first while Burke watched the girls.   

Joseph and Hyrum Smith

“In life they were not divided, and in death they were not separated!”

Martyred June 27 1844

100_4457  100_4458100_4463 100_4466100_4461 

I had a wonderful experience at Carthage.  It was witnessed to me by the spirit that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God.  I felt as if I could see him there at Carthage clearer then at any of the other sites we have been to.  It was there that he fulfilled his divine calling as prophet and sealed his testimony with his blood. I also gained a stronger testimony of the life and sacrifice of his brother Hyrum.  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church and that their sacrifice was not in vain.   

We drove to our hotel that evening grateful for what we saw and felt today.


Thursday, June 10

Tuesday on the Road

Despite the rough ten hour drive today we were able to have some fun. These are the tender mercies I am so grateful for.

The "Jungle Hotel"

Our Embassy Suites outside Kirtland was a tropical paradise!

There was even a pond with
turtles that the girls could feed.

A Slide for Biddy

I was able to find a wonderful park just outside Columbus OH where we stopped for lunch. The slide was perfect for Biddy to climb up and go down all by herself. She is growing up so fast. I love watching her learn new things. She also learned how to walk of a curb all by herself while walking around outside at restaurants. We can't keep her sitting in the high chair for more then ten minutes. She could spend at least that long walking off the curb and then having me swing her back up so she can walk off again. She has had the hardest time on this trip so it makes me happy when I can help make her smile!

No Hotel Reservations
I must have forgotten to book the hotel in Champain IL because we got there at 9pm we did not have one. They were sold out for the night but the hotel in Nauvoo was available so we decided to just keep driving the last three hours to Nauvoo. The girls slept in the van and I kept Burke company while we drove till midnight. I was so glad we got to wake up the next morning and already be in Nauvoo.

Monday in Kirtland

The Kirtland Temple

Despite the Fact the the Church does not own nor operate the tours of the Kirtland temple I felt the spirit here very strongly. It testified that this Temple is very sacred. Key events paramount to the completion of the restoration of the Gospel took place here.

The building itself is a testament to the faith and sacrifice of the early Saints. I am always so humbled by their willingness to sacrifice everything to the building up of the Kingdom of God. It makes my sacrifices seem small and insignificant yet I know that what we do matters and our offerings will be accepted if they are given with a pure and humble heart. Seeing the Temple motivated me to do more and be a more willing servant of the Lord.

J..h took this cute picture of S...a on the temple grounds.

Historic Kirtland

Ohio is so beautiful.
It is more open and rural then New England.

The Whitney Store

The Sister Missionaries gave the girls a wonderful tour.

There was a very special spirit in the School of The Prophets on the upper floor of the Store.
Christ appeared in a vision to the apostles in this room. As the Sisters read the account J..h listened in awe and wonder. "How did they get to see him?" She asked with not a doubt that they did see him. She understood how special it was that Christ appeared to them. The Sister told J..h that they had great Faith and read a scripture that teaches us that anyone with great Faith will someday see the Saviors face. The spirit testified to me the truth of that scripture and I was so grateful for J..h's pure and simple faith to believe. She strengthens my testimony. She has been given the gift of understanding and believing the testimony of others. I am so blessed to be the mother of such a sweet and special little girl and I love her so much. I am also so thankful that I am able to share these special places with my children. S..a and biddy will not remember this but J..a will and that means a lot to me.

Monday, June 7

Sunday at the Falls

We woke up to 50 degree temps and rain on Sunday but we didn't let it dampen our spirits. Fortunately I was prepared with warmer clothes and rain jackets so were still able to enjoy Niagara Falls.

View of both falls from the Observation Deck

American Falls

Horse Shoe Falls

On the Maid of the Mist

The girls were style'n in their blue rain ponchos

American Falls

Into Horseshoe Falls

Water to the Left

Water to the Right

drenched in the middle and

S..a would not let go of that fence to save her life.
She said she had fun on the boat but I am not so sure.

J..h on the other hand, had a blast.

Biddy had a good time too but Kitty got a little wet.

A nice Asian man took this picture of us

hmmm I think something is missing...
We didn't get too wet and Burke and I
both thought the falls were Spectacular.

The sun came out later that evening so
we were able to enjoy camping KOA style.

This was our "Lodge"

It had all the comforts of home,

Plus a swing on the front porch,

Our own fire pit and picnic area.

J..h found me a perfect roasting stick.

S..a reinvented the smore.

Yes those are potato chips....gross!

We had a lot of fun today and I am so glad we are taking this road trip. It may have had a bumpy start but it was worth it!