Tuesday, February 26

You Really Know You are Pregnant When...

  • Twelve hours of sleep is still not enough.
  • Your four year old complains she has watched too many movies.
  • Every day is pajama day.
  • McDonalds has you order memorized "large fries and a coke...right?"
  • You break down in sobs while watching Disney movies.
  • Your husband begs you for leftovers of anything.
  • Your four year old worries that the baby is going to break your belly if it gets bigger.
  • Ice cream, gummy bears and toaster struedal make up your balanced diet.
  • The only thing you are sleeping with are saltine cracker crumbs.

Teddy Bear Day

Today was Teddy Bear Day at the local library. Jennah invited her friend Collin to come with us. We dressed up the bears in their prettiest dresses for the outing and the kids had a great time. They got to make their very own " bear that went over the mountain" and had a bear parade. After the library we took the kids to McDonalds for lunch. What a fun thing to do on a cold New England Day.

Susanna and her Bear

Waiting for Story Time

"Hold Up you Bears for the Camera"

"Now put them down so we can see your faces!"

Marching in the Parade

Monday, February 25

Baby Countdown

So I copied the baby ticker from my friend Natalie's blog. I am only 16 weeks so I still have a long way to go. It will be fun to watch our "virtual baby" grow along with the real one. Oh and I don't think mine bounces around quite that much..... yet.

Jennah's New Snow Friend

Saturday was the perfect day to play in the snow. The sun was shining and the snow was fresh and soft. Just my luck Burke was swamped with homework so after much begging Jennah and Susanna convinced me to take them outside. Not that I don't like to play in the snow I just prefer to stay inside and make the hot chocolate. After "Snowphie "Jennah's "best snow friend in the whole wide world" melted (it was slightly traumatic) we promised we would build a new snow friend . However Jennah decided she wanted a snow pony. For those of you who know me I can't back down from a creative challenge so let me introduce.... "Pinkie Pie" our first ( and only) snow pony. "Pinkie Pie" is her favorite My Little Pony. Jennah helped me pack the snow, color her face, and make her hair. As you can see from the little movie clip we have prepared Jennah for the fact that, like "Snowphie", Pinkie Pie will also melt.

Jennah and Pinkie Pie

Did you know that markers color snow?

Burke captured the moment beautifully

Wednesday, February 20

Adventures from the "Bench"

If you are wondring, yes I am refering to the Church bench. Susanna has made a name for herself in our little Gardner Ward. If you need entertainment come sit behind me!!! One of my dear visiting teaching sisters is a recent convert and nurse who works the Saturday night shift. It is a challenge for her to come to church and even more of a challenge for her to stay alert after working all night. The trooper that she is, she made it on Sunday and settled into the bench behind us. Just her luck it was High Council Sunday. Susanna was determined to do her part to keep poor Julia awake. It began with a constant game of stand up, sit down, turn around ( with me performing the sit down, turn around part). That attempt having failed she turned her attention to physical asault with a book. A big book, well aimed at the face. Surprise, that got Julia's attention. The only possible response to this type of behavior was stuffing Susanna's face with candy. Swedish fish usually do the trick, but before I could blink Susanna stood up, turned around and spit the fish out in the lap of a very stunned Julia. Wihtout missing a beat Burke leaned over the bench and removed the slobbery mess. Susanna started to giggle and the chain reaction was unstoppable. Since the majority of the congregation was focused on us rather than the speaker even the Bishop had to stiffle a grin. All I could do was mutter sorry while handing Julia a diaper wipe to clean the slobbery remains from her skirt. In the end the giggles died down, Burke wisked Susanna away for a walk, Julia managed to stay awake for the closing hymn, and I miraculously surived another adventurous Sunday at church.

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day

I love Valentines day. The idea of a whole day devoted to telling everyone you love them just makes me happy. So I am taking advantage of the holiday to tell all of you just how much I love you! As I get older( I am in my late twenties now) I can look back on the years and recognize how the love, friendships, advice, and encouragement from all of you has helped shape who I am becoming. I will be eternally indebted to you for your charity to me and hope that in some small way I have touched your life as you have touched mine. I know I would be truly alone without the love of my family and my friends. Thank you! And I LOVE YOU! It just so happens I miss you all very much too (but I try not to think about that) Hopefully this will warm your heart while we are apart(I did not mean for that to rhyme...cheesy but true).

Happy Valentines Day Love Corinne

I added a little slide show that has pictures from valentines days over the last 5 years. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12

A Thank You for Grandma

Tuesday February 12, 2008

We sent this card to Grandma Craven but thought you all might enjoy viewing it.

Click to play Pile of Hearts for grandma
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Monday, February 11

Keeping the Winter Blues Away

Monday February 11th 2008

With mom being sick, temperatures in the single digits and pre-school on vacation the girls and I have been suffering from the winter blues. Every day Jennah asks "Are we going anywhere today Mommy?" Susanna carries her snow boots around repeating the question"coat? snow?" Well luckily Daddy came to the rescue and he took the girls out for some fun in the snow on Saturday. As you can see they had a great time.

Snow Princess

Jennah has mastered the art of snow angels

Susanna and Jennah made a snow "girl" named "snowphie" So cute!!

Today the girls were so excited to go to a special session of physical therapy for Susanna. Susanna is making great strides with her gross motor skills. The goal is to have her running, jumping and climbing like a pro by the time summer comes. Going to the gym at the care center was a special treat. It really beat the winter blues and Susanna figured out she loves jumping.

Queen of the Castle

Look how high we can jump!

Tackling the stairs


Tuesday, February 5

Family Update January

Tuesday February 5th, 2008

Hello Family and Friends

Welcome to my new blog. My big sister Jennie, sisters are the best, made me this blog and she added all of my updates and pictures from the last two years. This is my very first post so I hope it goes well.

This month we celebrated Burke's 30th birthday.
Jennah helped me make him his very own birthday cake. She wanted to make it a football cake so I did my best. I need to practice my writing. That evening we got a babysitter and went to the Olive Garden with many of our close friends. We had a great time.

Burke is devestated football season is over. It was a season of ups and downs. He was looking forward to a Packers/Patriots (his two favorite teams) Superbowl and frankly anything would have been better then Sunday's disaster. Fortunately he is taking two classes in school this semester so he won't have much time to cry over it. Lets hope he does as well as last semester and score some more A's. Way to go Burke!

Susanna is as darling as ever. At her latest check up she weighed 25 lbs and is getting taller too. Lately she has been obsessed with the camera. She gets all dressed up and says "smile? smile?" We don't mind taking lots of pictures, even though most of them are of her running towards the camera . We are trying to teach her the art of posing. She is getting the hang of it.

Last week Jennah came down stairs with her "suitcase" and her pillow announced she was going camping. Burke was kind enough to build her a tent in the family room. She is never bored and we get a kick out of all her little adventures.

I went to my 12 week check up and everything is looking great. Our little baby is growing and has a good strong heart beat. I am still very tired and take every chance I can to snatch a little rest. I am trying to get over a very bad cold and can't wait till I have some more energy.

Well thats all for now. We love you all and miss you tons!

Friday, February 1