Monday, March 29

Tea Party

I finally got my act together and arranged a play date with J..h's favorite friend from school. She wanted to have a tea party and requested a menu of milk, water, strawberry rolls, apples with peanut butter, raisins, and crackers.

When she got home from school and saw this spread she was amazed!

I surprised myself a little too.
Everything came together without consulting
Family Fun
or Martha!

Strawberry Butterflies

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It was worth flexing my creative muscles
to put smiles on these faces.

Sping Table

I took a que from my Mom and decorated my table in season this year.

Total cost $3

I think it's a keeper.

On My Own.... Again

I have worked really hard not to post complaints about my husbands job. He has a job, he likes his job, and his job provides very well for us. The only thing I could really complain about is that his job requires him to travel. However I know that complaining about Burke's business trips doesn't make them go away. He doesn't make the decisions and he doesn't like being gone from us either. Hence you have yet to hear a whine or a whimper form me when Burke heads down to sunny Florida and I am on my own.....until today.

I am done being nice I am filing an official complaint!!! I know this complaint won't change anything but I am pretty sure it will make me feel better so here we go....

Since Feb Burke has gone out of town three or four days every two weeks. So you see I have a right to complain!! Wait it gets worse. He left Sunday and is gone through Wed of this week then he flies out again next Wed the 7th. That is two weeks in a row!!!

I am so sick of him him traveling. Burke is such a big help to me that when he is gone I get so exhausted taking care of everything. For example Sundays are really crazy days. I leave early to get to my Church meetings by 8:30. Burke gets the girls ready and brings them to church a little early so I can do their hair in the church bathroom. We have church from 10-1. Burke walks Biddy in the halls and sits with S..a in "time out" until she agrees to go happily to primary. Then after church Burke takes the girls home while I stay for my after church meetings. I thought I was going to cry yesterday having to juggle it all by myself.

My saving grace was that this was a short trip. Burke was supposed to be home Tuesday. Today he called to inform me that they extended the trip a day. Now I have to handle Wednesday mutual night all on my own. That is our other crazy day of the week. I scramble to get an early dinner on the table then leave at 6pm to pic up some of our Young women. Burke packs up the girls and brings them to the church at 7pm. After activities Burke packs up the girls again, takes them home and puts them to bed while I stay and clean up then drive my young women home. Burke usually gets home by 8:45m but I don't roll in until 9:30 or later. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am dreading this Wednesday.

It is not just the crazy days that are hard. It is hard everyday Burke is gone. It never fails that when 5 pm rolls around the girls turn into screaming banshees and then Daddy bursts though the door and somehow makes everything calm and happy once again. Oh how I miss him when he is not home. Without Burke my world turns upside down.

Well there I do feel better. Surprisingly this little hissy fit of mine helped. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and if he never left I wouldn't have a chance to really know how blessed I am. Here's to never complaining again.

Saturday, March 27

Easter Egg Hunt

My Cute Egg Collectors

Biddy loved the Easter Bunny...

from a safe distance!

S..a would not even look at the Easter Bunny
I guess it's ok to get creeped out by a
six foot tall stuffed rabbit.

My Newest Aquisition

Thanks Craig:)

Wednesday, March 24

Pizza Night

We love homemade pizza and have so much fun making our favorites together. After Biddy showed up I stopped making it for a while because it took too much work to make my dough from scratch. Then I discovered the ready made pizza dough in the deli of my Super Walmart. It is only .88 and tastes just as good as mine. I can also throw it in the freezer and pull it out the morning of pizza night to defrost. I know I sound like an infomercial but I just have to thank Walmart for helping me make my life simple and delicious.

Sunday, March 21

Celebrate Spring

Spring dawned sunny and warm here in New England. It was a pleasant surprise since spring usually delays its arrival until May. I had a list of house work a mile long but I set it aside to enjoy the sunshine with S..a. She can be such a good little friend to me while J..h is at school. It will not be long before New England returns to it's frigid march temperatures so it is worth the messy house.

Saturday we celebrated the first day of Spring
by painting sun catchers...

enjoying an alfresco snack...

exploring the yard and watching for birds.

Biddy has a love hate relationship with the outdoors. She loves it so much that half of her time outside is spent in tears when I won't let her walk in the street, the garden, the rocks etc. When we have to go inside she stands at the back door and cries. However, she did figure out that she can soften my heart by bringing me her shoes and asking "go out?" I just don't have the will to say no and I guess I do get a lot of exercise chasing her around.

We sure hope spring decides to stick around for a few more days.