Monday, April 26

Moving Again!

Burke and I are so excited to embark on a new adventure. After completing his MBA and selling our home we began applying for a job promotion at bases across the country. Many different opportunities came our way but the winner was San Antonio, Texas. Burke will be working at Randolph AFB in a two year, high profile, career broadening position. We hope this opportunity will move us down a path that leads to UT. We know that the Lord's Hand has been purposefully guiding our life and that this opportunity is a gift and blessing from him. I have felt the warm assurance of the Holy Ghost that this is where our family needs to be and that he will help me tackle the challenges associated with this move. It is humbling to be reminded of how much he cares for us and loves us.

He starts in the beginning of June so things are happening really fast. We will be taking a house hunting trip for single family rentals in a few weeks. I think my stress level would be off the charts if it weren't for the air force packing, loading, and unloading all of our possessions. I have to prepare for our cross country drive with the girls but that should be fun since we are stopping at Niagara Falls then touring the church history sites along the way.

Burke and I will miss New England and our ward family here. We have grown to love MA despite it's cold winters and exasperating politics:) I am sad to leave without making it to New York City and Burke is crushed that he didn't go to a Patriots game but other then that we feel ready to move on.

The girls are excited. Moving is second nature to them by now. When we sold the castle play house J..h understood perfectly that it just wouldn't fit on the truck. She was prepared to leave behind some of her toys but was relieved when we told her that there would be room for all of them. What a trooper! This will be our sixth move since she was born.

As for San Antonio we have heard wonderful things. It is hot and humid, but not as bad as Houston. We understand that it is quite green and has beautiful architecture and character in the older down town areas. I am going to brush up on my history of the early Spanish Missions and the Alamo. There is a Temple in San Antonio and the church membership is growing. I am looking forward to making new friends and serving in a new part of the Lords Vineyard.

So farewell Massachusetts and Hello Texas!!

Tuesday, April 20

Best Friends

My older sister Jennie has always been and is still my best friend (apart from Burke). I miss her like crazy and she must miss me a ton too since she used all her birthday money to buy a plane ticket and then left her three little boys to come and see me! It was the best visit and I can't help but miss her even more now that I am reminded why I love her so much! On Saturday I took her to my favorite building in Boston -the Library- and then we drooled over art at the MFA. On Sunday she taught me to crochet while we watched sappy movies and ate chocolate. Monday sunshine made for a perfect visit to the Ocean where we basked in the quaintness of New England's North Shore. Somewhere in the mix the girls stole a few minutes from me to play with Aunt Jennie and she did not disappoint. They love her too.

Thank you Jennie for the wonderful visit. I Love you!

Monday, April 12

When I Grow Up....

For career day all the Kindergartners did a little presentation on what they want to be when they grow up. Here is what J...h practiced and presented to her class.

"When I grow up I want to be a missionary. It is a really important job. You go to people's houses and eat dinner with them. You read the scriptures and talk about heavenly father and Jesus to people. This is a picture of my daddy and other missionaries."

J...h took her Daddy's name tag and her Book of Mormon as props.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall of her classroom. I know she did a great job. Little does she know that she is already a missionary.

Sunday, April 11

True Love

Nine years later and I love him even more!

Monday, April 5

Easter Sunday

Listening to the Prophet and his Apostles bear testimony of the Living Christ was the perfect back drop for our Easter celebration. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. In between sessions the girls spent the afternoon hunting for eggs, blowing bubbles, and posing for the camera. As I watched them laugh and play together my heart overflowed with gratitude for the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ my Savior. He made it possible for us to live together as a family for time and all eternity. That is the gift of Easter and the reason my heart is so full of joy.

Here Comes the Easter Bunny

J's "Chick" Egg

S's Favorite Egg

Work It!

Spoiled Rotten!

Good Friday

and it was...

Thursday, April 1

I ALWAYS get what I want!

My mantle has been looking very bare since Christmas and I have been wishing for a pair of topiaries. The problem is that nice topiaries are a pretty penny. I had almost given up when.....

Don't you love them!
Well you better because I made them

I found the pots at the dollar store.
They were originally white with
orange and green speckle paint.

I created the patina with some
metallic spray paint and a rag.

The tree tops came from an online craft store
and the willow branches were gathered from my
own backyard. I used plaster to anchor the trees
in the pots and finished them off with some moss.

They are exactly what I wanted and
I did it for under $40 bucks.

The New "TV"

Well at least they are happy!


Thanks for the package Grandma and Papa the girls were so "hoppy"