Sunday, May 15

Hairy Fun

The girls both got their hair painted at the school festival and begged me to do a “photo shoot” with them.  Enjoy!



JJ’s Masterpiece

Art is JJ’s favorite subject by far and she does not lack talent.   This year she was chosen to participate in the District Art Show. It was so exciting to see her beautiful work of art displayed.   


Monday, May 9

Five and Fabulous!

We love our Zana so much and think she makes the cutest five year old on the planet!

She was so excited to take the treats she helped make to school on Friday.


She got the cutest crown from school and wore it all day long. 

I don’t know what we would do without the webcam.  It sure makes it more special when Grandma and Papa can watch her open their present to her and her cousins can sing her Happy Birthday. 


Zana helped me design and make her cake.  It is our favorite Birthday tradition.



We invited part of our Texas Family over for princess cake and presents.  It was perfect since Zana still gets a little overwhelmed by a lot of attention.  By keeping her party small and low key we got tons of smiles.


She got the cutest gifts from everyone but especially lover her new princess dress.


I don’t think she will ever get to big to be my little princess. 

Mud Girls

We had the pleasure of having our friend Bryson stay at our house for three days after school while his mom was away and his Dad was working.  It made me very grateful for my calm and clean drama queens.  Bryson enticed the girls into all sorts of mischief that would have never entered their dainty heads. Here is my favorite example…of coarse Bryson had the sense not make himself a mud boySmile



The girls had a fun at the traditional Easter egg hunt and I had fun taking their pictures.

100_6262100_6269100_6270 100_6274


It is always such a thrill to see the girls faces when they find goodies in their Easter baskets. It was an extra treat to have a package from Grandma and Papa to open too.  100_6291100_6295100_6298100_6296100_6300100_6301

I was ambitious this year and made all the girls Easter Sunday outfits.  Kathleen, Burke’s Mom, helped me with Zana’s while she was visiting and I could not have made the rest without that help.  The girls loved wearing their special dresses, skirts and headbands while they hunted for eggs, played with their Easter toys and attended church.   





We had our Texas family over for Easter Dinner and Burke smoked our first Beef Biscuit.  It was over 12 lbs.,  took eleven  hours and it was worth every minute!   If you thought a cooking  a Thanksgiving Turkey was complicated think again…

Prepare the Biscuit


Prepare the Smoker


Put Biscuit in Smoker


Keep the fire burning and wood chips smoking so that the temperature in the smoker stays a consistent 225 degrees for eleven hours!!!!

Stay up well past bedtime to remove biscuit from smoker


Savor every last bite!



We had a wonderful Easter and felt so blessed to be together as a family to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is the life and the way.  I am eternally grateful for his Atoning Sacrifice that grants me the gift of Eternal Life and the way to Exaltation.