Thursday, April 24

Ruby Red Indulgence

Once you become a mom you learn the sad fact that food is no longer something you can keep for yourself. You are constantly giving a bite here and a taste there and if they like what your eating you can guarantee they will take the entire thing. As annoying as this is normally, when you are pregnant it is infuriating. One of the great pleasures of pregnancy is being able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want with absolutely no guilt. The last thing you want to do is SHARE.

I finally found a craving that I could indulge in with no interference from my children: A succulent ruby red grapefruit( only a pregnant women could feel so passionate about a grapefruit!) Jennah took one lick and puckered up with a "yuck". After that reaction Susanna immediately exclaimed " I don't like it". I was thrilled. I can eat a whole ruby red without sharing one juicy bite. Well that is until yesterday when Susanna decided she wanted a taste. I figured no harm she will not like it.... I was wrong. Susanna ate half my Ruby Red (she didn't grasp the concept that grapefruits are only for mommies). There is no indulgence left that is truly mine, unless I convince my children that ice cream is yucky.

Spring Treasure Hunt

Jennah was so excited to find blossoms on the trees this morning. It was the first sign that spring is here! We decided to go on a spring treasure hunt to find more signs of spring. In order to preserve nature we collected our treasures with the camera. Our goal was to find lots of different flowers, blossoms, and animals. Susanna was very good at spotting the dogs and cats. We found 4 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird(that I could get a picture of). Here is our cache...

Monday, April 21

April Fun

Jennah and Susanna wanted to plant flowers so even though it was still 45 degrees we dug out the spades and trowels and let them plant some flower seeds. Unfortunately I don't think the seeds survived the cold but the girls had fun anyway.

I love this picture of Susanna
We are at the McDonald's play place
a favorite spot while it was still cold outside.

Our good friends from UT Ruben and Laura drove up from their time share in Atlantic City NJ to spend a few days with us. We had a great time touring all the Revolutionary War sites in Boston. Here they are with the Girls on the Battle Road in Lexington.

An Anniversary Adventure

Burke and I love going on "adventures" to see new places and experience all the quaintness of New England. So for our seventh anniversary we headed to Marblehead MA, a small fishing village on the North Shore. It is called the yachting capital of the world and is famous for its seafood and New England charm. Here are some fun pictures of our Anniversary Adventure.

The Marblehead Light House and Harbor

Town Meeting Hall established in 1727

We love walking through old cemeteries. This was one of the
best ones we have found yet. The view from the hill was spectacular
and the tomb stones have been preserved amazingly well.

This picture captures the charm of Marblehead with one click...

When you see Lobster traps stacked by the dozens you
know dinner is going to be good

The view from our table at the "Barnacle Restaurant"

A cheesy picture of me with my Lobster before I devour it!
Burke is disgusted by Lobster. He will only tolerate watching
me eat one on veryspecial occasions. Isn't he sweet :)

Tuesday, April 1

Adventures from the "Bench" Chapter Two

Last Sunday the Arbon family had the pleasure of sitting behind us in Church. They have five children with their youngest being six. There was far too much distraction behind us for Susanna to stay sitting on our bench. She made the rounds with each Arbon flirting, playing peek-a-boo, sharing her toys and so forth. When she got to the Dad he was not interested in playing along. He was actually listening to the meeting. At this point my efforts to intervene became even more futile. She was determined to get Brother Arbon to play with her. She reached down and took of her shoe and handed it to him. He thanked her nicely and returned it. She handed it right back and ducked below the bench to see what he would do. He handed me her shoe. At this point Susanna grabbed the other shoe, handed it to him and with the sweetest smile she could muster(there may have been batting of eyelashes involved) placed her stocking foot up on the top of the bench. How she managed this I could not say, she has those short chubby bay legs. Never the less there was her little stocking foot and poor brother Arbon holding her shoe. He quietly said "I will let your mommy put it on" and handed it back to her. At this she stomped her foot back down on the bench and threw her shoe right at Brother Arbon. I was mortified! Luckily Brother Arbon thought her tantrum was humerus and laughed off the physical assault, along with the rest of the Arbon family and everyone else who finds it entertaining to watch our family at Church. In the end Susanna's shoes remained in my possession and Daddy got to go for another walk...

Promise Kept

I promised Jennah months ago that I would make some clothes for her favorite dolls. She thinks my sewing machine is amazing. She is positive I can make ANYTHING on it. I have avoided this project since the clothes are so small and I have no pattern. Well yesterday I finally kept my promise. I used some of the original doll clothes as a guide and I have to admit they came our much cuter then I expected. Jennah was thrilled with her new groovy girl outfits. Here are all the pics of her dolls.

Slumber Party Pals

Jennie, Tammy and Mary

Girls Just Want to have Fun

Spring Fling

Tropical Paradise

Sweet Chic