Tuesday, January 26

Super Cute

Thanks to my sweet sister and her new talent I have the cutest hats to wear this winter. J...h helped take the pictures of me modeling my stylish head-ware. Thanks again sis I LOVE them!

Tough or Crazy?

My poor hubbie tripped on some shoes coming into the garage last night and hurt his left ankle. It was really scary looking and he said he heard it "crack". It was too late to do anything last night so we iced it, wrapped it and went to bed. I brain stormed all night who I would call to watch the girls so I could take Burke to the doctors etc so we could find out if he broke it. However when I woke up in the morning Burke was not in bed...or even at home. Despite his injury he got up at 5 AM and drove himself (with a standard transmission) to the carpool spot and had gone into work. When I talked to him he was pretty sure it was just a bad sprain since he was able to hobble around on it. He also reminded me how when he was young he broke his color bone playing football and didn't get it diagnosed until a week later because it still hurt after he helped his dad build a cinder block fence!!! So if it was broken time would tell. My vote is on crazy what do you think?

Thursday, January 21

Snow Day

The Brimhalls joined us for a snow day on Monday and it was so much fun sledding and making snowmen.

Tuesday, January 19

Miracle in Massachusetts

I should be in bed but I am riding a wave of excitement and amazement that has me too wired to sleep. Over the past week I have been so energized by the MA senate race and the importance it has for this state and the country. It was so thrilling to go and vote today but I have to admit even as I cast my vote I assumed that the democrats would win and our hopes would be crushed. It was just impossible to believe that a republican could win Ted Kennedy's Democratic Senate Seat. But Miracles do happen and I am still a little shocked that I voted for the winning candidate today. It is a testament to the fact that no matter how blue the state or how left the politics when the people unite together and fight for what they know is right the impossible can happen. Brown based is campaign on the fact hat he would be the 41st vote to stop health care. He ran an amazingly clean and upbeat race focused solely on the issues while being brutally and unfairly attacked by the democrats. Although democrats out weigh republicans 3 to 1 her in MA with the help of the independents we were able to carry the day. Lifelong democrats who would never have dreamed of voting for a republican came out in droves to support Scott Brown. I can not begin to explain what an upset like this means here in MA. It is amazing. I am so lucky to be a part of history and a to be part of a hope that can sweep across this nation and empower the American people to take back their country. If we can win Massachusetts anything is possible!!!! God Bless America!!

now I am going to sleep...

Saturday, January 16

Winter Fun

The weather was a balmy 40 degrees today so we headed over to the Pond to enjoy the ice. Burke got a chance to dig a few fishing holes and go ice fishing for the first time here in MA. Too bad nothing was biting. Bethany and her neighbors spent hours creating and maintaining an ice rink. It gave us the opportunity to expose our girls to some outdoor winter activities whether they liked it or not!

Biddy was too tired to appreciate the ride

J...h had a blast and even tried ice skating. I was putting Biddy to sleep so I missed taking a picture. She said it was fun and she only fell down a couple of times.

This is how S...a spent most of the afternoon

I finally dragged her outside and put her on the sled.
No surprise only one of us is smiling

Ice buddies

Thanks Bethany and girls for the fun afternoon!

Thursday, January 14

Not every child has a Daddy like you...

You play with us when it snows

You let us paint your toes

You still bath me in the sink,

even though the floor gets a drink.

No, not every child has a Daddy like you...

only the lucky ones like us!

The girls helped me plan a small celebration for Burke's 32nd birthday. We went out for his favorite pizza, opened presents and had strawberry shortcake.

Biddy manged to get her hands on the whole
cake and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Happy Birthday Love! I am one of the lucky ones too.