Monday, December 28

Merry Christmas

We had a Christmas filled with love, laughter and lots of magic! It was so fun to hear J....h remark with awe " How did Santa know?! He is amazing!" Enjoy these pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Sledding on Christmas Eve
A Johnson Family Tradition

We happen to have an amazing sledding hill right in our front yard.

There is just one catch....

You have to make sure to stop the
sled before you fly into the street:)

S.....a cried the whole time even though
Daddy promised not to go down the hill.

She was happier throwing snowballs at the camera

Biddy loved her turn in the sled

We made a Gingerbread house last year so now we get to make one every year. The girls are adamant that ours looks exactly like the picture on the box. Last year the kit was very complex and it took me hours. This year I bought a very simple kit so the girls were able to help me.

The girls loved the end result

She made this cute little house in her Kindergarten Class

All Dressed up for Christmas Eve Dinner

Yummy Chicken Cord On Blu

After dinner we gathered in the living
room to read the Nativity Story.

Then the girls opened their Christmas PJ's

Chatting with Grandma

Christmas Morning
The girls woke up a little after 7AM.
Following my family tradition we did our
hair and brushed our teeth before lining
up on the stairs youngest to oldest.

Santa Magic!!

J...h asked Santa for a Hamster and she got her wish.
She agrees with Santa that Pip Squeak
is better then a real hamster.
He doesn't bite, will never run away and....

he drives a car!!

Susanna asked Santa for an Ariel Jewelry Box

A surprise present from my Sister Ashley

They were just slightly excited to
get the Barbie Musketeer Movie :)

The costumes were a big a hit too!

A Musketeer would not be complete without
her magic fairy wings and power tutu!

Drop Your Sword!

They even convinced me to play along

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and
felt the love and joy that comes with
celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, December 16

Home Sweet Home

The long awaited home tour is finally here! We love living in here and feel so blessed that after selling our beloved Montvale home we are able to rent such a wonderful house. We are truly spoiled. Enjoy the tour.

The home is situated on a corner lot near the top of
Mount Pheasant

The views from our front porch are spectacular

The neighborhood is equally as beautiful.
I would equate this neighborhood to living in the benches of Draper or Bountiful.
I wasn't kidding when I said we were spoiled.

Proof that they do build garages in MA

Showing our Christmas Spirit.


From the Entry you can go straight back to the Kitchen
or turn into the Living Room on your Right

The dining room is on the left

I made my fresh wreath this year from
the branches cut off the Christmas Tree

The dining room opens into an eat in kitchen

Biddy eats in here a lot

The Kitchen is huge.
We love the counter space offered by the bar.

We have a new stainless dishwasher and fridge

The Kitchen opens up to the family room

It was a labor of love for Burke to hand split six cord of wood over the last year to help keep our family warm this winter. The thought of having to get rid of the wood when we moved was devastating. When we toured this home for the first time I broke down in tears of joy at the sight of the wood stove in the family room. We could keep all the wood and save money on oil. Burke keeps a fire going all night and I stoke it during the day. It keeps the home so warm and is a constant reminder that the Lord is mindful of us.

We love our Christmas Tree.
It is gorgeous and was a special present from Grandma and Papa.
They helped us paint and gather the ornaments.

The Back Hall leads to a half bath and main floor laundry.
It is the first time ever that our laundry is not in the basement. It also the first time in eight years that I am doing the laundry. Needless to say Burke loves this room.

This is his other favorite room.

The hallway opens into the formal living room.

It fit my furniture perfectly and I love walking
by this room every time I enter the house.

The Upstairs

The view out this window is
beautiful and it provides so much light.

This side of the house has a full bath and the girls' bedrooms.

We kept the queen for guests (hint hint).
Biddy is sleeping in the play and pack until
she is big enough to move to the bed.

Jennah and Susanna now share a room and love it!
They are such good friends but are very
good about being quiet and going to sleep.

I have to brag about this room since I only paid
$40 for both bed frames on Craig's List.
Then I made all the bedding from sheet sets I bought at TJMaxx.

The duvet is reversible and ties closed just like the pillow case.
The girls sleep with their special round pillows every night.

On the other side of the stairs is the "former master bedroom".
It has another full bath and a walk in closet.
We use it for a play room since we moved our
bedroom to the bonus room over the garage.

Bonus Master Bedroom.

That wraps up the tour. As you can see we are extremely
thankful to be able to rent this home.
The Lord truly does work in miraculous ways.