Wednesday, April 18

April Visitors

We were so fortunate to have my parents stay with us for a few weeks while my Dad did some work here in San Antonio.  It was a really laid back visit  The girls were in school and my Dad was working during the day so most of the  time it was Mom, Liddy and me.  We cleaned house, ran errands, sewed projects, and shopped.  It was a lot of fun just being together.  We were also able to take advantage of my parents as babysitters so Burke and I could celebrate our wedding anniversary.  The girls loved getting to spend time just with Grandma and Papa.   On the weekend we went to the Snake farm.  Right before they left my sister Ashley and her 8 month old daughter flew in for a visit.  We all went to the Tea Garden and had real Texas BBQ.  She stayed for a whole week and we had way too much fun.  She got to celebrate Fiesta(Texas style mardi-gras) with us.  We had a girls night  on the River Walk watching the famous River Parade. We also visited all the tourists spots; the Missions, Alamo, River Walk,and the San Antonio Temple.  We ate the most amazing food at Chris Madrid's Hamburgers, Casa Rio, and Harmon's BBQ.  My niece was so darling.  She and Biddy were fast friends.  The older girls also adored her and kept her very entertained with all their songs, dances and constant stream of toys.   On their last day here the girls had school off and we had a real Fiesta party complete with decorations, dancing, a piƱata and swimming.   We were sure spoiled to have three weeks of the best company imaginable.  I love my family!!!









Wednesday, April 11

Eleven Years of Heaven

Burke and I have been married for eleven wonderful years.  I am a lucky gal to have such a devoted, selfless, loving, helpful, handy, smart and funny husband.  To celebrate our anniversary we took a little weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country.  The wildflowers were in full bloom and it was beautiful.  We took in a few local sights (thanks to the crazy famer who decided to build replica’s of Stonehenge and the Easter Island Heads in his field.  It was a real hoot) ate at some fabulous restaurants, wandered through art galleries, picked up a few trinkets for the girls and toured the National Museum of the Pacific War.  I love spending time alone with Burke holding hands, stealing kisses, sharing a laugh and forgetting for a moment that we have a long history with three kids to prove it.  I love you sweetheart and look forward to the years to come.