Friday, March 20

Can Life Get Any Crazier??

With two out of three kids sick, a traveling husband, a busy church calling, and a seven week trip to UT only three weeks away I couldn't imagine my life getting any crazier. Then on Wednesday as I was walking out the door with Susanna in my arms to get Jennah from school I tripped down the front steps. Susanna was just fine but the moment I hit the ground I knew I had hurt my foot. I was wearing open backed mary janes so my right foot twisted right out of my shoe. Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket so I called my friend Meredith who is an EMT. She picked Jennah up from school and came right over. She wrapped and iced my foot and I didn't think it looked that bad. My ankle was fine there was just some swelling on the lateral side or outside of my foot an inch or so below my pinkie toe. Meredith wasn't so sure and made me call my doctor who was just leaving for the day. She scheduled an x-ray for the next morning and I was shocked at the results....I broke my foot!!! It is a small metatarsal fracture so I do not have a cast but have to keep off my foot until it heals. My doctor said my type of break is usually on the short end of three to four weeks!!! I have a pair of crutches, a big bottle of ibuprofen and a lot of help form the ward. So just when you think your life can't get any crazier...wear good shoes and walk carefully!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17

Amber Alert GPS Give Away!!!!

As a Mom I am sure you can relate to those moments of panic when you can't find your child. I have a three year old and the other day I got the scare of my life. We were shopping and she was right with me. I was holding her hand. I let go, for one second, to pick up an item and when I turned back she was not there. "Silly girl" I thought as I looked in the clothes rack where she sometimes hides and pops out to "get me". Not there. I called her name a few times.... no answer. "Where is she hiding?" I began weaving my way through the clothes racks methodically searching for my little girl. My heart started to beat faster as I realized she was not hiding. Suddenly the panic hit as I thought, "I am shopping at Babies R Us! She might have been taken!! Don't child predators target stores like this one?!"

At this point I could not breathe. I grabbed the first associate I saw. “I can’t find my child!” I saw my panic reflected in her eyes. She asked me for a description and quickly guided me to the front of the store where I stood shaking. Store associates immediately began combing the aisles. “Guards” were posted at the doors as I tried to figure out how long she had been missing. Five, maybe ten minutes....long enough for her to be in a stranger’s car driving away. Tears were close to springing when suddenly I saw an associate rushing towards me holding the hand of my little girl.

As I embraced her I questioned the associate, “Where was she?!” She had wandered off to find the rocking horse on display in the toy section at the back of the store. I remembered how she had asked if she could ride it and I promised her she could when I was done shopping.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to know that she was safe while away from my side. However, every time I enter a store a little bit of the panic and terror I experienced come back to me. I think about what could have happened. Babies R Us does not have child safety protocol because abductions may happen they know what to do because it DOES happen. How can I protect my children? Although I try to always know where my children are things happen. As I learned it can happen in a split second. What happens when my children get older and I am not there to protect them?

My Dad is working with a new company who has an answer to this age old question; "How do I keep my kids safe?" Their product is the Amber Alert GPS. It is the smallest most powerful child locator on the market. What is so unique and amazing about this device is that it allows you to locate and track your child from your Cell Phone!!! How cool is that!
To find out more about this technology go check out their website:

Now for the Best Part
Amber Alert GPS is running a contest through face book. Nominate the busiest Mom you know to win. The Mom with the most nominations wins so get networking. Spread the word to all your family and friends to nominate YOU. Lets keep our kids safe!!!

Monday, March 16

In Trouble

Jennah has a hard time taking responsibility for her actions. She knows when she does something wrong and hates getting in trouble. Thus she has mastered the little white lie...

That big mess "Spilled all by itself". When the princess castle got decorated with stamps and Barbie got a makeover, "Susanna did it". When candy mysteriously disapeared from the cupboard's top shelf, "It must have been Magic". And my favorite, when the TV was on during quiet time "but Mommy my tummy wanted it!"

Lots of time in the naughty chair and is helping her understand that things can not spill by themsleves, Susanna is still too little, magic works soley in movies and tummy's can only get hungry. I took the innitaitive to explain that imaginary friends are just that...imaginary and we don't have a dog so I am hoping she will fess up next time Liddy moves herself of the bouncy chair, Susanna writes Jennah's name on the wall, or.........

Friday, March 13

China Food

Jennah LOVES "china food". She would eat it for dinner every night if I would cook it for her. She has even mastered the ultimate "china food" utensil:
Chop Sticks....

For My Cousin

My Cousin Mindi has a vinyl Lettering Company and I wanted to thank her for the awesome job she did on our YW 2009 Scripture Theme. It looks wonderful and the girls love it!!! I have a link to her site on my blog so go check it out and get creative!!

Thursday, March 12

Liddy Ann

Liddy is Seven Months old today and boy is she growing up fast!!!

Liddy loves to eat. She will eat ANYTHING. She not only eats cereal but loves to eat baby cookies, baby rice cakes, and fruit in her mesh eater. None of my other kids touched a mesh eater. She eats fresh peaches, pears, apples and today Strawberries.

Liddy is on the move. She still loves to sit but we think she will be crawling in no time. She loves to push up on her knees and rocks back and forth. She can get to all her toys by pushing up on her toes and scooting forward. I have even "lost" her a few times when she scooted herself into another room. It is so fun to watch her and she is soooo happy.

We love you Liddy!!