Thursday, April 23

Today's Surprise

Grandma and Papa surprised the girls with a sand and water table this morning. They could hardly wait to get outside and play. I have rarely seen them eat and get dressed so fast!!

I just could'nt resist getting a picture of Liddy wearing her fun flower.

UT or Bust

Spending lots of time with family can get old fast, unless you only see them once a year!! I don't think I could ever get tired of watching my children play with their cousins, aunts and uncles. I am not the only one who feels the same way. Every time we get together Morgan can't help but comment "This is why Corinne and Burke have to move back to UT." I agree.....

Flying the Airplane Kite with Uncle Daniel

"Raspberries" from Dashiel

Giggles and Hugs from Uncle James

Flying with Aunt Ashley

Susanna is having lots of fun too. I just haven't caught it on camera....yet

Saturday, April 18

A visit with the Matheson Family

On Saturday we met up with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and headed down to Lehi to spend the day with Burke's Sister Tiffany and her family. It was especially exciting to meet our new cousin and nephew Leo Tanner. He was barely four weeks old and looks like one of his uncles. Can you guess.....

Burke's "Mini Me"

He is sure going to be handsome!

The Mathesons also got to meet Liddy for the first time. Here is the memorable moment when she ate her first french fry. Yummy

While we made a fuss over the babies the cousins went to the park.

Curtis' new dragon kite was a big hit.

Thanks Matheson family for the fun day!!

Friday, April 17

Easter Sunday

I love Easter Sunday and this year was all the more special because our family was able to attend church together. Everyone was there accept Burke whom we truly missed. Grandma and Grandpa Great Craven came as well and got to meet Liddy Ann and Jennie's baby Chase. After church we gathered at the house for an Easter lunch. It was such a joy to watch the cousins play outside in the sunshine with their Grandparents and Great Grandparents. Ashley's husband Daniel brought his camera and took some wonderful pictures.

I am eternally grateful for the Saviors Life, Death and Resurrection. He is the way. I will do all I can to follow him so that I will be united with my precious family for Time and all Eternity.

Thursday, April 16

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came to visit and brought the girls all their hearts desires.

Last year we had a church Easter Party complete with a visit from the Easter Bunny ( Jen Phelps wearing a Bunny head and an easter apron). We thought it was pretty convincing but as I learned this year Jennah wasn't fooled.

"Mommy is the Easter Bunny Real"

"Well Jennah do you think something real or imaginary left candy and presents in your basket and hid eggs around the house?"

"Something Real. But what does the Easter Bunny look like?"

" I don't know Jennah I have never seen the Easter Bunny because he likes to be secret."

" Well I think it is a human dressed up as a Bunny."

" You know Jennah you might be right. And who do you think that human could have been at Grandma and Papa's house?"

"Oh I don't know just some human....."

I think Jennah will have it figured out next year for sure.

Easter Fun

These Pictures Speak for Themselves. Enjoy!!

Coloring and Decorating Easter Eggs
with Grandma and Papa

Making Nests with Cousins Dashiel and Myles Fife