Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween


The Jenkins invited us to their church’s trunk-or-treat.  The trunks were decorated to the nines and there was lots of candy! They even had some crafts and games for the kiddos. 


Our annual pumpkin carving! 




We Love Chili!


Halloween night came with some rain showers and a wind warning. The AFB decided that the conditions were too risky for little ticker-or-treaters. So they cancelled Halloween! Seriously- who can do that? Well we looked at the doppler and the weather looked fine to us. There were some light showers at first but they cleared up. 



Our group of kids were the only ones out trick-or-treating. The kids got lots of candy and the neighbors were thrilled to have a few trick-or-treaters.   We missed Daddy who was on a trip. We sent him lots of pictures.


Wednesday, October 23

First Snow

It wasn’t very much and didn’t stick around very long. The girls were excited anyway.


Thursday, October 17

JJ’s Birthday

We had a lot of fun celebrating JJ’s 10th birthday.  She decided to have fun Halloween cupcakes for her cake this year. We decorated them together and then I delivered them to her class.  All her friends loved them and it really made her day special.



Jennie got all dressed up for the special occasion. JJ wanted to go out for chinese for her Birthday but I had an oimportant Stake Church meeting so I cooked her favorite dinner, chicken broccoli casserole with cherry pie for dessert, instead.


She got lots of wonderful presents.  Most of them were for her American Girl Doll Jennie. 

Aunt Jennie knight the darling cape and I spent hours secretly sewing the winter outfit to go with it.


Jennie’s formal dress was a true labor of love and JJ really loved it.   Her friends the Jenkins gave her the cute shoes that go with her new outfits.  I also made a Halloween outfit which JJ wanted to save for Halloween before trying on. 


She got some other fun gifts and cards from her Grandparents.  Dad had already given her his birthday present. He took her to a NFL Football game.

We went out for Chinese Friday night and had a lot of fun.


Although JJ didn’t have a big fancy party her grown up birthday was perfect for her.  She is turning in to a beautiful young lady.  We are so proud of her.

Friday, October 11

The Bellie is 16 Months!!!

Oh my this girl just keeps getting cuter every day.  We absolutely adore her and she loves all the attention. 

Loving the blocks.


Best seat in the house.


Just like my Big Sis.


Somebody likes chocolate chip cookies!


Nellie loves sitting under the computer desk. The little spot is just her size.


Working on her “thumbs up”.


I took The  Bellie to an art museum with my friend.  She was such a good girl.  Not only did she chill in her stroller for over an hour but she really got into the art.  While holding her and looking at the paintings she would point at it and tell us- in her own little language- what she saw.  She was very serious and her explanations involved lots of head nodding and excited arm motions.  When we got to one paining in particular she burst out laughing.  When we moved to a different one she stopped.  I took her back to the “funny”painting and she started giggling again.  It was so cute that soon she had her own little audience of patrons and museum guides laughing right along with her.  Everyone thought she was just darling and I was beaming with Mommy pride. She has so much personality. It is a joy to have her as my little companion.