Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Having fun at the Ward Trunk-or-Treat


and yes I did make my hat


Zana’s Ghost Bride Costume was not quite ready so she went as a witch. 100_7496

JJ is showing off her “real” vampire fangs


If you asked Biddy what she was for Halloween she replied “A Poodle”.   



On Halloween we went Trick-or-Treating with the Loyd family on Randolph AFB


Zana loved telling people that she was a a girl who died one her wedding day.  “Look I even had a dead bouquet!!!”  Pretty Spooky stuff.


JJ was working the Vampire Look


Biddy and Spiderman are best of friends at church and pre-school.   I had to take a picture of the sweet baby bug.  I get to be her Texas Auntie . . . love it! 


My friend Heather and I decided we have to send our kids BYU so they can meet on campus and re-kindle their childhood crush.


Of coarse after I took their pic Zana got all embarrassed and wouldn’t hold Wolverines hand again.  The girls got way too much candy, stayed up way too late and had way too much fun.  Good thing Halloween only comes around once a year!!  

Sunday, October 30

Carving Pumpkins



The girls coordinated their pumpkins with their costumes this year.  JJ made a vampire pumpkin and Zana made a ghost.


As you can imagine Biddy just made a mess with her pumpkin and got a bath . . .


. . . and then refused to come inside.  She did an awesome job of running down the sidewalk flashing all the neighbors as they drove by before I caught her.   

Tuesday, October 25

On the Nest

After trying to have baby # 4 for a year and half our prayers have been answered and I found out in a rather unusual way that I am pregnant.   

I went to the insta-care because I had a cough headed towards pneumonia.  It was right after the business of JJ’s baptism so I was not taking care of myself the way I should have.  My cough was so bad they ordered a chest x-ray.  However when I went to sign the x-ray release form I realized that I was late.  They had to make sure I was not pregnant before the could do the x-ray.  The doctor came back in and surprise!! My test was positive.  It was a moment to remember- me sitting in the insta-care bawling my eyes out while the astonished doctor quips "wow you are pretty excited?" Excited couldn’t even begin to describe it.  The doctor gave me a half hug and left me to call Burke.  Choking back tears I told him the good news. He was thrilled then asked “but what are they going to do about your cough if you can’t have an x-ray.?”  I had to laugh.  “Who cares we are having a baby!!!” 

We shared the good news with the girls by gifting Biddy the “you’re a big sister book”.  Grandma Johnson and Aunt Angie were still in town and they got it right away.  It took the girls a bit longer. JJ was excited once she understood what was happening but Zana looked concerned. 

“We are having a baby.  What do you think about that?” I asked

“No” she shouted “No I am not.”  I tried not to laugh and responded in all seriousness. “You are right.  You are not having a baby Mommy is having a baby. Ok?” 

“That is good.  I can’t have a baby I am not old enough yet.” 

Glad we got that all cleared up. 

Burke was so excited he posted our news on face book unbeknownst to me.  Luckily we had already told our immediate family but I was not prepared for hundreds of our friends and acquaintances to know I was Prego at only six weeks!  I was mad for a while but had to forgive him when I read the post.  It was pretty darn funny. . .

The book of Burke Chapter 1, verses 1-3.
1. And it came to pass that the Man did look upon his tent and all that he possessed and was well pleased. He possessed much, including a woman and three female off spring. Yet he desired to increase his posterity, therefore he did descend upon the woman and she did conceive a child. The Lord did say unto him that 8 months hence a child shall be born unto him, yet he did not know if this child should be man-child or woman-child.
2. The Man did think unto himself that he did now possess sufficient woman seed and desired a man-child. He desired to teach unto the man-child the ways of the NFL and Craftsman tools.
3. If his woman does bear a 4th woman-child, the Man shall descend into his cave to seek refuge from the unrest that will ensue when his seed shall transition into their young woman years.

Everyone loved his post and I know that boy or girl he is going to love the new baby to pieces.  Once again I am humbled to have the opportunity to raise another one of Heavenly Father’s precious children.  I can’t wait for June 16th and the arrival of baby #4!!! 

Monday, October 24

A Few More Days of Fun

On Friday our family gathered for a play date at the park and lunch at Coopers BBQ.

photo (18)

After lunch we said goodbye to Grandma and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa Great. 

Grandma Johnson and Aunt Angie stayed for a few more days and we loved spending time with them.   We headed down town once again to tour the city. The girls sure love hanging our with their Aunt Angie.

 100_7460 100_7466

We met up with Burke’s Aunt and uncle who were in town for a convention.  It was nice to catch up with them.


The girls were lucky that we toured the Alamo on a day with free activities for kids. They got to make their very own corn husk dolls and woven necklaces. 

100_7470 100_7469100_7474100_7472

Biddy found a friend in Aunt Angie. She cried and cried when we dropped them off at the Airport. It is nice to know that she can bond with someone other then Mommy.     


I helped Angie make her her very own Buttercup Bag before they flew home on Monday. 


We loved having all our family here for JJ’s Baptism.  It made it so special.  I love them all and miss them so much! 

Thursday, October 20

JJ’s Baptism


Burke and I are so pleased that JJ decided to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This was a decision that we encouraged her in and hoped she would make but at the end of the day she was the one who chose to enter the waters of Baptism, take upon herself the name of Christ and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She told me that she wanted to get baptized because it was what her Heavenly Father wanted her to do.  She is right.  Her Father in Heaven was so pleased with her choice and as we watched JJ at her baptism we saw his love shine through her countenance.

She looked so beautiful in her white baptism dress.


It was especially wonderful to be able to share this special event with our family.  My Grandparents, Parents, Burke’s Mom and Sister flew in.  Our Texas family was there as well.  All of their support meant so much to us. 

2011 Oct 073 

100_74492011 Oct 090100_7457100_7459100_7453100_74552011 Oct 091100_74562011 Oct 092

baptism program coverBaptism Program

It was an honor to have my Father conduct the program and give the baptism talk.   JJ just beamed as he bore his testimony to her of the truthfulness of the Gospel and how proud he was of her for making the choice to be baptized.  

100_74522011 Oct 104 edit

2011 Oct 013

My Grandfather and Father were witnesses as Burke baptized JJ into the Church. She got a double dunk since the first time a few of the words were wrong.  It is very important that the sacred ordinance of Baptism be performed perfectly.   When JJ came up out of the water she was smiling from ear to ear.  I felt the spirit so strong and I couldn’t help but shed tears of joy.  As I wrapped her in a towel and gave her a hug I asked her if the second time felt different from the first one. “Yep” she replied “The second time felt good”  

2011 Oct 106

While she dried off and changed into her white confirmation dress everyone watched a little slide show my Dad put together.  It gave the kiddos the chance to get out their wiggles.

2011 Oct 0322011 Oct 027

It was an honor to have my Grandma help me share a special family tradition with JJ.  When I was baptized I received an uncirculated silver dime from 1955- the year my Dad was born.  This dime was part of a parable written by my Grandma.  Through the years my dime has reminded me to keep myself pure and unspotted just like I was on the day of my baptism.  Together we shared this parable with JJ and gave her her own 1955 silver dime.  JJ told me that receiving her dime was one of the favorite parts of her baptism.

2011 Oct 110 edit2011 Oct 113 

Grandma Craven shared a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost and gave JJ her very own set of scriptures with her name engraved on them.  They are her favorite color –blue.  She keeps them in her room and reads from them every night.  She is learning to love the scriptures. I am so grateful to my parents for giving her such a special gift.  

2011 Oct 1212011 Oct 0692011 Oct 0702011 Oct 0712011 Oct 072

Her Father gave her a beautiful confirmation blessing.  As he told JJ to receive the Holy Ghost I felt it’s presence so strongly.  I know that JJ felt it too.   She will now have his constant companionship as long as she remains worthy.  Burke blessed her to know that her Father in Heaven loves her and is pleased with her.  He encouraged her to remain close to the spirit and follow it’s guidance.  He counseled her to always remain worthy of the spirit.  He reminded her that she was not perfect and that as she made mistakes she should always repent and the Lord would forgive her.  This was especially wonderful council for JJ who is a perfectionist and is so afraid of making mistakes.   I know she will do her best and follow the Holy Ghost. 

2011 Oct 020

Brother Griffeth welcomed JJ into the Ward as the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This made JJ smile once again. 

2011 Oct 123

We had pie for dessert-JJ’s favorite. 

2011 Oct 0502011 Oct 0402011 Oct 0412011 Oct 0952011 Oct 0472011 Oct 0592011 Oct 0622011 Oct 0672011 Oct 079  2011 Oct 0652011 Oct 0822011 Oct 0942011 Oct 097

At the end of the night JJ was happy to just sit and take it all in. . .

 2011 Oct 087

How grateful I am for such a lovely and wonderful daughter.  She has such a willing heart and wants to do what is right.  It fills us with joy to know that she has chosen to follow the example of her Savior Jesus Christ and be Baptized.   We love her so much and are so blessed that she is a part of our family.