Wednesday, April 27

Fun While Daddy was Away

Burke spent four weeks in Maryland taking an Air Force Class in program management.  We missed him like crazy and filled the void with some extra fun.

The girls at a Tangled Premier Party. 


Zana ( that is what Biddy calls S…a for short) went as a red carpet fashion girl and JJ was a Paris Fashion Girl who flew in on her private jet for the event. Biddy –who wouldn’t hold still long enough to take a picture- was a princess.  It was a blast since our friends had a movie room complete with a giant projector screen.

We made some monkey bread the next day and the girls- still caught up in the mood- made bread Rapunzels.


It was Fiesta week at school and every student made a float to parade around the halls.  JJ was so excited and set to work immediately.  I helped with the construction but the design is completely her own.  She spent hours on it and it was worth all her effort.


Saturday, April 2

Worth the Try

While driving yesterday Biddy wanted me to open the door to pick up the toy she dropped. After repeated attempts to get me to open the door with no success she shouted "Open Sesame!" Then, when nothing happened, burst into tears. Well you can't blame a gal for trying.