Friday, September 30

Landa Park Playgroup

While the girls have been busy at school Biddy and I are having some fun of our own.  We have play group every Monday.  This week we made the half hour trek to beautiful Landa Park in New Braunfels.  One smart Mom brought the “atv” and Biddy loved it!



When the kids had enough we grabbed our stale bread and headed over to the pond the feed the ducks.  We were greeted with a big surprise.  Migrating geese were visiting and gave Biddy, and her bread, a run for her money.   I was amazed how brave she was when they tried to take it right out of her hand.  Luckily only one mom got goosed on the toosh before our crumbs were gone and we headed on our way. 


Monday, September 26

Ranger of the Week

Our elementary school’s good behavior incentive program is called “Ranger of the Week.”  Each week one student from their class is rewarded for outstanding behavior and showing respect to their teachers and classmates.  They get a special poster hung of them in the front hall, a ribbon, a pencil, a badge to wear all week, and their picture in the class newsletter.  On Friday the rangers all sit on the stage, which is transformed into “Ranger CafĂ©”.  They get to listen to music and talk as much as they want.   Last week the teachers chose their first Rangers of the Week for the school year.  Being the first Ranger of the year is an additional honor.  The teachers have their pick of any student in the class and choose the one who has truly set the example for the other students for the year.  So guess who was awarded such an honor?  Drum roll please. . . . . 




That's right both my girls were chosen as the First Rangers of the Week from their classes.


Zana was so excited.  I love to see her happy and this honor made her week….maybe even the whole school year.  What a feather in the cap of this little girl who has been working so hard to adjust to kindergarten.  Zana said that she showed respect by listening to the teacher and always sitting criss-cross-applesauce. Her teacher told me that she has blossomed these first six weeks in school.  She answers questions, talks with her friends, sings songs and smiles a lot.  I am so proud of her. I am glad she gets to be a leader and example to her classmates.


JJ was pleased to be the Ranger.  She does her best each and every day.  Her teacher told me that she was telling her husband all about  JJ and how he has to meet her sometime because “you can’t describe in words her cute personality.  She is just so J.n..h and I love that.”  I love that JJ has a teacher who likes her for her, not just because she is so well behaved.  JJ likes her teacher too and has already decided that second grade is way better the first. She also got her reading test back and she is reading right at grade level.  That is a huge accomplishment for a girl who still mixes up her d’s and b’s.  She has been working really hard and it is paying off.  

I feel so blessed to have these two wonderful girls as my daughters.  I makes my heart leap for joy that they are successful in school and have teachers who appreciate them.  It is my  mission in life to raise exceptional human beings and it is so rewarding to know that I am doing what I was sent here on earth to do.   

Congratulations girls. You both deserve it.  I love you! 

Saturday, September 17

Butterfly Festival

The girls have been in love with butterflies ever since we read a Fancy Nancy “Bonjour Butterfly”.  When I heard about the opening of a new butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens I knew we had to take the girls. The morning of the opening they rose early donned their wings and off they flew. . .


There were lots of free crafts and activities for the girls to participate in.


The actual exhibit allowed the girls to experience what it was like to be a very hungry caterpillar . . .


live in a Cocoon . . .


and then take flight as a beautiful butterfly!



The girls had very high expectations for this butterfly festival and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint. 

Wednesday, September 14

BYU Fever

BYU played Texas State up in Austin last Saturday. Morgan could not pass up the chance to go to a game with Burke and flew in for the weekend.  He brought along his brother in law Kevin who is a huge fan and works for the airlines so they could fly stand-by. We picked them up from the Airport Friday night and visited the Alamo.


We had dinner on the River Walk and they really enjoyed the atmosphere and the amazing Mexican food.   On Saturday morning we toured our two favorite missions. JJ earned another Junior Ranger badge and we saw a Catholic Baptism at Mission San Jose.  JJ wanted to show them the Tea Garden so we made a quick stop there as well.


That afternoon the boys drove down to the game.  Sadly BYU lost by one point but they still had a great time. 


They could not get a flight on Sunday so the girls took advantage of the opportunity to introduce their Uncle to all things girly.  We had a nice day and they were able to catch their flight home Monday morning.

100_7061100_7062 100_7059

I owe football my thanks for bringing us all together! It was such a fun time.

School Open House

We had a wonderful time at the girl’s open house at school. 

Zana gave us a wonderful tour of her classroom. She seems to like school especially drawing in her journal.  The other day she told me that she drew a perfect rainbow with all the colors just the way the teacher said they were supposed to be. Zana has gotten a green card for good behavior every day.


Her teacher says she is wonderful and Zana seems to like her teacher in return. She loves music, art and doing stretches in gym.  Zana can almost do the splits. She did not like the computer lab at all but is working on being brave.   Zana is slowly making friends but still gets “nervous” around everyone in class.  It may take some time to find the right friends but I know it will come along. I went to school and had lunch with her one day.  IIt was good for her to know that I am still going to be a part of her life at school. I look forward to my first parent volunteer assignment.  


JJ thinks second grade is “easy peasy” and that is fine with me.  Her teacher is really great.  She use many techniques in her class that impressed me. She was very complimentary of JJ and said that students like her are the reason she comes to work every day.  “They make it all worth it!”  Her teacher told me about JJ’ class job.  She chose to be the class monitor.  When the teacher steps out of class for a moment JJ stands in front and marks down the kids who mis-behave.  Her teacher told me that at first the kids were mad that JJ was so good at her job.  They tried to say they weren’t talking but the she trusted JJ.  When they tried to bribe her she stayed loyal to her teacher. JJ  loves her job and gets a lot of satisfaction from doing it right.  She also earned the praise of her teacher who remarked “ She is one of the best ones I have ever had.”   


I am so pleased with my girls first few weeks of school.  They are going to do Awesome!!


There is a reason…

that I buy the cheapest single ply toilet paper I can get my hands on.



She thought it was funny until I told her she had to clean it all up.


What do you do…

…When it is 100 degrees outside, the base pool is closed for the “summer” and filling up the swimming pool in the backyard is against the law?


Whatever makes them happy!