Thursday, February 28


Valentines Day

I love celebrating Valentines day with my family.  We have some fun traditions that make the day extra special.  Every year the girls come home from school to find little gifts of love from Mom. This year I made each of the girls a special headband or flower to wear.  Then I send them to the mail box to collect all the wonderful valentines cards that our family sends.   Daddy always brings home something special and this year it was gourmet cupcakes and balloons for the girls and a dozen roses for me. Every year I make gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert.  





Biddy and the Bug

We all got hit with a very horrible stomach bug (gastro-intestinal virus ).  The Bellie was sick for a week and the rest of us where feeling crummy for days but the bug hit Biddy especially hard.  She would not stop throwing up.   She was so exhausted that she fell asleep with her  head resting on the edge of the toilet bowl between hurling episodes.


After 48 hours of vomiting with no end in sight I took her to the E.R. The doctors were great and got her pumped with Zofran and fluids within the hour.  I was shocked at how sick and  lethargic she really was.  When they put her I.V. in she didn’t even flinch.  The blood work revealed that her glucose levels where far below normal and her hydration level was dangerously low. After three hours on fluids she started to perk up.  When her sugar level reached normal again they let us go home. She spent the next week recovering.  It was a grueling ordeal for her and it sure helped me appreciate the times when my kids are healthy. 


JJ’s Snowman

JJ has been talking about building a snowman all winter but was sick every time we had a good snowfall. Then a late February storm dumped 4” and she finally got her chance. She dragged Daddy out to help her and together they built our biggest snowman to date. I especially love his moustache.


Tuesday, February 12

8 Months


The Bellie is growing up before our eyes.  She is full of non-stop energy.  We have learned to keep an eye on her as she can find her way into all sorts of stuff.  She will eat anything especially paper so we have to “sweep” up every room before we can set her down to crawl.  I made her some leg warmers because she was crawling holes in all her pants.  She has no fear and will crawl off any edge.  We had to get a gate so she wouldn’t go head first down the stairs.  A quick learner when it comes to getting around, she is pulling up and even starting to climb.  I was shocked when I wandered into the kitchen and discovered that she had climbed right up into the dishwasher.   She loves her bottle and eats lots of yummy food.  She babbles constantly and her favorite sound is adada. Her least favorite thing is getting her diaper and clothes changed as she hates being held still. I am grateful that she is a good sleeper.  She still naps in her car seat so running errands is a breeze. She also sleeps the whole night.  She is so easy and so much fun!  We sure do love our active and happy girl.