Friday, March 28

Another Girl!

Here she is! We are very excited to have another girl. It will be fun to see what her looks and personality turn out to be. Luckily I have everything I need so preparation will be easy. The hard part will be getting Burke and I to agree on a name!


Congratulations Burke!!

I am excited to report that Burke is moving to the final rotation of his Program Management internship at Hanscom Air Force Base. We have been anxiously awaiting news of where he will be working and learned that he is joining the Joint STARS program. Even better is the news that this will be his permanent position come October when he receives his final promotion. He is honored to be working with the Hanscom AFB program manager of the year and will be replacing her when she leaves the program in the fall for a promotion!! I want to give you some more background on Joint STARS so you can understand what a tremendous opportunity this is for Burke and just how much it says about his performance in the program thus far. (He would be shamed to know how much I brag about him)

Here is an overview from the Air Force of Joint STARS. If you paid attention to the news during the invasion of Iraq Joint STARS is a term that might sound familiar.

"The Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) is a long-range, air-to-ground surveillance system designed to locate, classify and track ground targets in all weather conditions. While flying in friendly airspace, the joint Army-Air Force program can look deep behind hostile borders to detect and track ground movements in both forward and rear areas. It has a range of more than 150 miles (250 km). These capabilities make Joint STARS effective for dealing with any contingency, whether actual or impending military aggression, international treaty verification, or border violation. "

This program is a huge step up from the program he has now. We are so proud of Burke and how far he has come in the two and half years we have been here. Wish him luck... he is a little nervous as he has some big shoes to fill. I KNOW he will be wonderful.

Tuesday, March 25

Easter Celebration

We had such a fun Easter this year. We took lots of pictures. To see all of them you can watch the little slide show. Here are the highlights of our Easter Celebration.

Saturday Morning Egg Coloring
Both Burke and I let Jennah pick out an egg coloring kit at different times. Jennah was so excited about each kit that we ended up making all the colors. Two pink....two green....two blue...the girls had lots of fun.

Easter Baskets

The girls have been sleeping late since the time change (yeah!!!) and I had to be to church early for choir so we had the Easter Bunny come after church. The girls put the eggs out before we left.
Before the Easter Bunny

After the Easter Bunny

Thanks to Grandma and Papa
for the fun presents

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny did a good job of hiding all the eggs while we were at church. Jennah found all of them, I hope. ( I can't remember if we colored 16 or 17 eggs? I guess I will find out in about a week yuck).

The triumphant egg hunter

Sweet Susanna

Me and my "happy" girls

Easter Dinner
We invited the Sister Missionaries and my seminary students to come to Easter Dinner. We had a lovely time and Jennah even helped! After dinner Jennah and I told the Easter Story. She is at the perfect age to start learning about the story of Jesus. When we asked her if Easter is about candy and the easter bunny she said "No. It is about Jesus" I hope our little "flannel board" story helped her learn why. The Sister Missionaries enjoyed our presentation and left us with a wonderful message as well. We feel truly blessed to have the knowledge that our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ lives. His atoning sacrifice and resurrection make it possible for me to be with my little family, whom I love so much , for eternity. For this I am truly grateful. Happy Easter!!!

Bryanna and Jennah making deviled eggs

What is Easter about?

The Easter Story

Celebrating Purim

Last week our seminary classes in Gardner studied the book of Esther. One of my new convert friends in the ward is half Jewish. She was very excited about our class' study since Purim -the Jewish feast celebrating the heroics of Esther in reversing the death sentence on the Jews- was that same week. So with her help the Gardner seminary classes held our own Purim Feast. Purim is a masquerade party, symbolizing the fact that Esther's lineage and true mission was hid from herself and from others until just the right time. We made our masks, had pizza and brownies and learned several Jewish circle dances. To wrap up the evening we shared the wonderful video presentation made by the church of the story of Esther. We took of our masks as a symbol of our willingness to serve the lords mission here on earth. I made a fridge magnet for each of them with the meaningful scripture from Esther 4:14 on it "Who knoweth if thou comest to the kingdom for such a time as this? " It was a great evening. Thanks to Bethany and the other seminary teachers for their help. I hope you enjoy a few pictures from our celebration.

The Gardner Ward Seminary

Making Purim Masks

Bethany and her Daughter

Adam's Hawk Mask

Jewish Circle Dancing

Saturday, March 22

Mothers Group Easter Party

I am a member of the mothers group at the Gardner Ward. We have lots of fun getting together but most of all we like to host PARTIES!!! I helped with the Easter Egg Hunt and it was a huge success. We had cute decorations, lots of food, games, and an easter egg hunt. We had roughly 30 kids and moms. To top it all off the Easter Bunny even came and gave the kids presents. Jennah and Susanna had a blast. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

My cute bulliten board

Jennah made the cute littlle eggs

The Hunt

Jennah found one

Susanna gathering eggs

The Easter Bunny!!

Jennah and the Easter Bunny

Friday, March 21

My Baby Sister is getting MARRIED!!!

It is so exciting that my baby sister Ashley is getting Married. The Wedding will be on June 21 2008 in the Salt Lake Temple. She is marrying a great guy(or so I hear, can't wait to meet him) Daniel Olsen. He proposed on Tuesday the 18th exactly 7 months from their first date. Daniel took Ashley to dinner and then to their "spot". I'm sure it was all very romantic and Ashley, true to Craven tradition, cried. Ashley and Daniel met in the singles ward last summer when Ashley came home from her mission. Daniel is currently going to school and is also a native to South Jordan so for now they will be living close to home which makes everyone very happy....although I am rooting for the East Coast for that eventual Masters Degree:) We are very excited to have Daniel join the family. I am excited to travel to UT for the wedding 7 months pregnant and all!!! I will be coming for a whole month so it will be awesome. I hope to see many of you while I am there and get to know Daniel My new brother.

The Happy Couple

Her Gorgeous Ring

Wednesday, March 12

Big Changes

Susanna gets bigger every day, thus creating some big changes at our house!

I noticed she was having a hard time sleeping in her crib( waking up two or three times a night crying was hard to ignore) . One night I found her sitting up in the corner on her bumper in tears because she couldn't lie down. So the next night I decided she was ready for the big twin bed. We tucked her in and she was so giddy with excitement. She kept singing 'big bed, big bed". Well to our complete surprise she stayed all night and we only heard her once! She went down just as easy for her nap the next day. It has been several days now and she has not fallen out once. She loves her new bed and every morning I wake up to a cute voice calling "Mommy, Mommy get down" instead of crying.

With the big bed conquered we decided she was ready to move from her high chair to a booster chair at the table. This is very exciting for Susanna. She is learning to climb up all by herself and has so much fun joining in with the dinner time conversation. She loves to say the prayer with Jennah. She still makes a huge mess, as she likes to play with her food and refuses to drink from a sippy cup, but she is learning. I can actually keep closer tabs on her table etiquette with her sitting next to me. I hope that clean up will be less of a chore with time. I am so proud of her. To quote Jennah "Susanna is not a baby any more she is a little girl....the baby is in Mommy's tummy. "

Monday, March 10

March Madenss

Some times kids are so cute and silly. The right combination of sugar and exhaustion produced the following:

Monday, March 3

February Update

Hello Family and Friends,

Another month has passed us by and we are so glad it is bringing us closer to spring. I am feeling much better now that I am well into my second trimester of pregnancy. We will find out boy or girl at the end of March. We are rooting for a boy since we don't have one yet and Burke and I are completely stumped on a girl name we can both agree on. He liked Ginger (that is what you name your cat) and I favored Bridget (Burke is convinced it is a stripper name) a boy would be good.

The girls are having a lot of fun despite the cold. Some highlights are puddle stomping, Teddy Bear day at the library, art lessons from Mom, the making of a Snow Pony, and the usual run around the house with kitchen utensils making as much noise as possible while Mom is trying to talk on the phone.

We hope all of you are doing well . If any of you have blogs I don't know about send me the link. Have a lucky March .


The Johnson Family

Our Litte Super Star

Susanna at 22 months...


This video clip says it all....

I want to be a big girl NOW!!!

Susanna has decided she want to be a big girl just like Jennah. She likes to wear Jennah's clothes, sit in Jennah's chair, play with Jennah's toys and eat Jennah's food. Jennah does not think it is very fun most of the time. However, Susanna being a "big girl" means the two of them can play make-believe together, share a blanket while watching movies, and even play hide and seek
(Susanna does most of the seeking).