Monday, December 27

Christmas Eve Guests

Grandma and Papa arrived on Christmas Eve and it made for a perfect evening. 065

Burke perfected his smoking technique and made an incredible bird for dinner. 


Story time with Grandma


Christmas Jammies


J…h left a present for Santa Claus this year and S…a made sure that there were plenty of carrots for the reindeer. 


Santa’s Helpers

We were so blessed this year to be Santa’s helpers.  Our friend’s 91 year old grandfather built a beautiful doll house to donate to a four year old girl for Christmas.  We were able to help by making a bedspread for the bed and pillows and cushions for the chairs.  The girls also helped me pick out fabric for custom drapes.  We were able to decorate the house and then deliver it.  I hope my girls will always remember how they felt while performing this service. 

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Christmas Parties

S…a’s Joy School had their Christmas party at our home complete with a nativity pageant and musical program. Getting up in front of people and performing is very scary for her.  We practiced a lot and talked about being brave.  They performed the program at a rest home the week before and she did an amazing job singing all the songs and playing her part as a wise man.  She was very excited to perform for us at our house and did a great job once again.  She loves Joy school and has learned so many things; most important is that she can do hard things. 



The next evening we hosted our 4th annual Christmas Singing Program.  There was a great turnout and we had so much fun.  There are so many musically talented people in our area and we enjoyed performances  from three BYU music majors and a few wanna be’s like myself. 


It was glorious to sing Christmas carols with my friends till almost midnight! 

Friday, December 10

It’s Beginning to look like Christmas

The Tree Lighting Ceremony at Randolph Air Force Base

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All Dressed up for Mommy’s Messiah Concert


Christmas Lights ……

  090  092 094  098099  ……and Christmas Roses

Pictures from the Zoo


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Wednesday, December 1

Thanksgiving Holiday

We are so lucky to have some great friends that live here in TX. They are three hours way in Houston but it was so worth the drive to go visit them for Thanksgiving. Burke served his mission with Tyler and Burke and I met Lacy when they were dating so we have lots of history together. They are about as close to family as you can get. They also have the most adorable girls who are roughly the same ages as ours. They had so much fun together. I forgot my camera but they took some pics so I hope to post them soon. I just had to take a minute to thank them for the fabulous weekend. We loved every minute and it was such a nice change from our normal holiday-with no family- routine. We sure did have something to be thankful for!

Thanks to Tyler for these fun pictures of us on the beach in Galveston.

Here we are on the Ferry.
We drove our car on board and then stood at the front of the boat to watch the dolphins jump and play in the bay. The girls loved it!

Super Duper

I overheard a conversation between my girls the other day. J..h was talking about how lucky she was that she got a whole week of school off and S..a said "Because you are super duper beautiful and big!" Super Duper is her new catch phrase and she uses it all the time. I can't figure out where she picked it up from but I hope it sticks around for while because it sure keeps me smiling.

Biddy's Favorite Word

My Biddy is such a character. She makes us smile and laugh all the time. She is growing up so fast. Right now she is in love with the word cute. "It's cute" she says about everything from her shoes to the potty to daddy' nose. I love it and we think she is pretty darn cute herself.