Monday, September 29

Small Miracles

Liddy Ann is a very complicated baby. She has a sweet spirit but she is tormented by a miserable baby body. Foremost she has Gastro-esophagal reflux disease (acid reflux for babies). When the acidic milk refluxes back into her esophagus there is nothing you can do to calm her. As Burke puts it she cries like you are ripping out her toenails. In addition she is suffering from lactose overload which causes painful cramps, bloating, gas, and explosive watery green bowl movements. Needless to say her first weeks here on earth have been very trying for all of us. I have been determined not to give up and keep trying each day to find new ways to help her be happy. She is on Prevacid, for the reflux, gas drops, and I have given up dairy products completely. I am also following a new nursing routine which helps ease the gas. I have started to see little miracles.....


Check out the double dimples

Falling asleep all by herself ( She slept six hours last night!)

Being happy for more then 5 minutes on her own

Tolerating her sisters "playing" with her

A clean kitchen....

Well she isn't doing that good, Yet!

Now that I think about it these aren't small miracles. Going from miserable all the time to happy some of the time is a HUGE Miracle. One that I am truly grateful for.

My Sweet Liddy Ann

Sunday, September 14

Grandma and Grandpa Craven's Visit

We had such a wonderful week with my Mom and Dad. The girls will miss their Grandma and Papa terribly. Here are a few pictures of the highlights. Check out the slide show for all the pics of their trip.

Time with Liddy Ann

Time with the Girls

Jennah spotted the toad in our yard but that is as close to it as she would get to it.

Hide and Seek with Grandpa

Fun at Red Apple Farm

The girls loved the animals

Apple Picking a New England Tradition

Liddy sleeping with her mouth wide open... she must take after her mother.

Experiencing New England Charm at its best in Rockport MA

We came to Rockport to eat Lobster here at this shack.
They sell lobsters fresh from the ocean 3 for $35 bucks. The catch...

You have to eat them picnic style. It was well worth the mess!!!!
The scenery was almost as good as the Lobster

Jennah desperately wanted to collect seashells on the beach but when she finally got the chance she wouldn't step one foot on the beach because it would get here feet sandy!!

Thursday, September 11

Jennah's First Day of School

Today was Jennash's first day of preschool. It was extra special because Grandma and Grandpa Craven are here visiting. Grandpa helped Jennah get dressed in her special outfit and Grandma got to pick Jennah up and meet her teacher Mrs. Henderson. Jennah was very excited about going to school and had a "fun time". When we asked what they did the conversation went like this...
Jennah "I colored an apple and a cherry"
Mom "What color did you color them?"
Jennah, "Red, but Mom it was silly, they didn't give me a green crayon so I had to color the stem and the leaf red too."
Isn't it amazing how fast our little babies grow up!!!

Wednesday, September 10

One Month Old

9lb 8oz 21 1/2" Long 75th % for weight and height

Here are some cute pictures of Liddy and the girls over the past month. Enjoy!