Tuesday, June 28


Thanks to Groupon my friend Mel and I got some cheap tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Back Street Boys Concert.  We lucked out and got awesome seats.  It was an absolute blast reliving the glory days and pretending we were teenagers again.


I was reminded how much fun their music is and started playing them in the car while we were driving around this summer.  JJ has  become and fan and she rocks out with me every chance we get.   We Love NKOTBBS!!!!

Friday, June 24

Can you guess…

Can you guess what we are learning about his week in summer school?



Zana is even wearing her safety gear. I think the lessons are sinking in.

Sunday, June 19

Fathers Day

The girls had lots of fun treating their Dad to a very special day.  We made cute homemade cards and pictures and gave him some new shirts including an Auburn University Polo so he could show his true Alumni Spirit.  


JJ and Zana worked hard to make the day extra special for Daddy.  JJ planned a menu with all of Dads favorites. For Breakfast: pancakes, Lunch: BLT Sandwiches, Dinner: Banana Pepper Tacos, and for Dessert: Pecan Pie.  She helped me cook every meal and did a beautiful job setting the table and even cleaning up.

Zana gets stage fright so every night before she went to bed we secretly practiced all the words and actions to the songs the primary would be singing in church on Fathers Day.  We talked about exactly what she would do and how she would do it so that Daddy could see her sing all the songs just for him.  When the big moment came Zana ran up to the stand, stood right in front, looked right at her Daddy and sang every word and did every action.  It brought tears to my eyes and I could tell that Burke was impressed.  When Zana came back she gave him a hug and I told him how long we had practiced.  He was truly touched by her gift.  I was so glad that the girls had a chance to show their Daddy how much they love him.  He is an amazing father and husband and we all love him so much!

Saturday, June 11

Summer School


I talked a few of my friends into doing a home based summer school program with me and the girls.  We have class each day with our kids and meet a few times a week for group class and field trips. This week's theme was Dairy since June is national dairy month.  We learned all about where milk comes from, made home made ice cream, did tons of cute crafts and topped it all off by visiting a small local dairy farm.  

It was not easy finding  farm to visit.  Fortunately I stumbled across the Joseph Kubena Dairy Farm on a Google search.  I first talked with Mrs. Kubena who started the dairy wth her husband in 1961.  They were retired but we had a nice chat.  She was kind enough to give me her son Joe Jr's number since he now owns the dairy.  Joe Jr. was a little bit surprised when I asked if we could have a tour.  "No one has ever asked to come see my cows before....well maybe once."  But he said we could come on down.... so we did. 


This farm was the real deal.  Nothing fancy just 90 cows, 24 milk machines, and 1 Joe Jr.


This kids enjoyed petting the baby cows and even got to see them fed with a bottle.  Biddy was a little cow shy but that was mostly because she was mad that she got cow poop on her shoe.  Things like that happen down on the farm. 



Thanks Joe for showing my kids where milk really comes from. 


Zana graduated twice this month.  Once from Triumphant Lutheran Preschool and also from the Joy School Group that I helped teach.  She learned so much this year and we are so pleased with how well she did in both of her schools. 


The pre-school graduation was in a large hall and there were lots of people there which made her nervous.  I was worried that she would not want to go up in front but she marched up with her class and stood through the whole presentation.  When it was time to get her diploma she did it perfectly.  I was hoping she would sing the last song with the kids but she was still too nervous.  Hey at least she wasn't picking her nose!  Seriously, that is what the one other kid who wasn't singing was doing.  


Once she was off stage she was back to her normal self.



We had Joy School Graduation at the church and Zana felt right at home. 100_6480

She was so cute waving her flag and singing all the songs.


She got her diploma from her favorite teach Miss Sara.  They adore one another and I am so grateful that Sara was such a powerful influence for good in Zana's life this year.


We were truly blessed to be able to participate in such a wonderful group. 



Wednesday, June 1

Baseballl Season Wraps Up

JJ had a great first season of baseball.  After her lucky first hit she hit a bit of a slump. Daddy stepped up and built her a baseball T and taught her the all important lesson of practicing.  Her practice paid off when she got a great hit during the next game. 


She was so excited to receive her first medal ever at the end of season ice cream party.  It got even better when Daddy treated her to a real minor league baseball game.  



She is determined to keep up her practicing so she will be ready for next season.