Wednesday, December 31

Music Wars

I must preface this entry by stating that I have no intention of hurting any ones feelings so if you have an affinity for Johnny Mathis, Lawrence Welk, or the Ray ConnifF Choir please skip this.

Every year Burke and I get into an argument over our choice of Christmas Music. Our first married Christmas we both copied our favorite Cd's from our parents Christmas collections and I just I can't stand listening to "his" music for more then a few hours. I know that seems really harsh but when the Lawrence Welk Choir starts singing a Christmas version of Old McDonald had a Farm or Johnny Mathis belts out Ave Maria I lose it. Jennah's favorite CD is the Ray Conniff Choir, "the epitome of supermarket music", singing Jingle Bells, Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town wich I will tolerate for her sake but Burke has five different Ray Conniff Cd's that sound identical and we listen to ALL of them. To be fair there are a few of my selections that Burke is not crazy about, such as Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion. So this year in an effort to minimize the arguments I quietly tucked the offending Cd's (Barbara included) in a box and hid them in a drawer in our desk. I promptly forgot they were there and a week later when we decided to move the desk I found the box and asked Burke "Hey Hun do you know what this is?" Well he found out soon enough and as punishment I had to listen to Johnny Mathis for three hours........I guess I learned my lesson. Wars can't be won by deceit they have to be fought fairly. So watch out Burke, next year Barbara is in the house!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30

The UT Game

Jennah loves to play the UT game. She goes to her room and packs all her favorite clothes and toys in her suit case. Susanna likes to play too and uses the jewelry box as her carry on. They give me and Burke hugs, board the airplane couch and depart on a long flight. When they get to UT they visit Grandma and Papa ( played convincingly by Mom and Dad). It is so cute! I can't wait for spring when we get to make the game come to life.

Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas

Family and Friends,

We are having a wonderful Christmas Day filled with joy, love and fond memories of the times we have spent with all of you. This has been a wonderful year for our family.

We welcomed another girl into our lives and Liddy Ann is such a joy. She is 4 months old already and can roll over from her tummy to her back, is teething and will start eating solid food soon.

Susanna will be 3 in May and is a bundle of noise and energy. She loves to play with Jennah and thinks she is much older then she is, except where it comes to the potty. She does not like it and has only sat on it a handful of times. I am trying to be patient with her but I am tired of diapers. Wish us luck.

Jennah is 5 and loves to go to pre-school. Her favorite subject is art and she loves to play on the playground. This year she learned to pump so she can swing all by herself. She is a great helper and loves to help Mommy cook and set the table.

I have been busy being a Mom and running the Young Women's Program for our church. I have 18 girls ages 12-17. I plan weekly activities for them and organize lessons for Sunday. I have a committee of three wonderful ladies who help me and it is truly a joy to work with them and spend time with the young women. I also just finished producing a Messiah Concert for our community. Our Church sponsored the event and it was a great success. We had a guest pianist with a PHD in piano performance from Boston University accompany the choir. The Gardner News wrote a lead story for us and covered the concert as well. I loved singing in the choir and performing two solos. It truly made Christmas special this year to be involved in such a wonderful event.

Burke continues to be extremely busy at work. Gone are the days when I can ask him to stick around the house for a day to help me out. He even works on his comp days. We used some of his built up time to take a vacation to Palmyra New York, the birth place of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and are saving up the rest of the time for a few well deserved vacations next year. The good news is that the Colonel just signed off on his proposal for the Joint STARS program so they can start moving forward. Burke is doing amazing work for the Air Force and they really appreciate him. I appreciate him too. He is a wonderful husband and the best Daddy ever.

We had quite an adventure weathering the Ice Storm and losing power for six days. We feel especially blessed to spend this Christmas with light and warmth. May the light of Christmas fill your heart today. "The Lord is my Light and My Salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid...I will sing yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord. " Pslam 27

All our Love,
The Johnson Family
Burke, Corinne, Jennah, Susanna and Liddy Ann


Christmas Eve

We spent the day making lots of goodies. Pretzels, Cookies, and even a gingerbread house.

That night the girls helped Burke deliver the treats to our neighbors and I made pumpkin pie. We ate tacos and drank copious amounts of eggnog. Jennah entertained us by singing all her favorite Christmas songs over the phone to Grandma and Grandpa. Burke's family was gathered in UT and we got to talk to his Mom and all of his Brothers and Sisters.Then the girls opened their first present.

Christmas Pajamas.

They looked so cute!!!

We recited the "Night Before Christmas" and read about the birth of Jesus. Jennah helped set out milk and cookies for Santa and the girls went straight to bed knowing that Santa would only come if they were asleep. When they were dreaming of Sugar Plums Mom and Dad watched "White Christmas" and helped Santa put the finishing touches on the presents. By midnight the house was quit as a mouse.

Christmas Day
Susanna woke up at 7:30 and Jennah was not far behind. I took the girls into the bathroom to do their hair and brush out teeth while Dad turned on the Christmas music and lights. It was a precious sight to behold the wonder and excitement in the faces of our girls as they realized that Santa had come.

Stocking were opened and Jennah received her princess necklace. Susanna was thrilled to get an Ariel one and lots of yummy treats as well. Dad got socks and I got a new crystal pin for my dress coat. Santa brought Liddy some baby cereal puffs but she was much more interested in eating the wrapping paper

It was then time for Santa Presents Jennah found the big one with her name on it and began tearing off the wrapping paper like a mad woman. She jumped up and down with excitement exclaiming my caste my caste he brought it! Santa brought it" It was priceless!!

Susanna was as equally thrilled with her Ariel doll and Santa brought Mom and Dad matching Auburn university hoodies( were Burke is graduating with and MBA in the spring).

Liddy got a new high chair and a cute new toy from Grandma nd Grandpa.

They gave the girls the cutest dolls that Jennah described as "Just perfect!"

The unicorn costumes from Grandma J where a big hit as well.

I got a new coat, scarf gloves and hat ensemble from Burke and the girls.

Burke landed a new tie and some money to buy stuff for his truck and a new baseball cap.
My sister painted me a picture that I love. It is a Vango reproduction that became the star or my Christmsa Table.

We had breakfast of crepes served on the new set of everyday dishes from Burke's Mom.

We captured the entire morning on our digital camera that was an early Christmas present. After breakfast the girls filled the days endless hours with play and I cooked up a Turkey dinner for us and the Sister Missionaries. Burke was a trooper and managed to keep the kitchen clean ( not an easy feat with me coking. I think he did four loads of dishes that afternoon. The Sister Missionaries came around 4:00 and we had a wonderful dinner. The girls loved showing off their new toys and we were grateful we had someone to send lots of leftovers home with. That evening I spent time talking to my family and we sent the girls to bed completely worn out from all the fun.

It was a wonderful Christmas. We kept lots of family traditions alive and started some new ones as well:

* Collecting a new Christmas Book
* Singing the Messiah
* 2nd Annual Christmas Singing Party
* Sending a letter to and Visiting Santa Claus
* Dressing up for Christmas Sunday
* Eating Shrimp Dip
* Going Down Town to see Christmas Lights
* Adding to our Christmas music collection
* Dancing around the Christmas tree
* Performing a live nativity
* Making Sugar Cookies
* Putting up a new Christmas decoration on our house
* Making a gingerbread house
* Watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve
* Santa Paper
* Making cranberry jello salad
* Opening presents one at a time youngest to oldest
* Lighting candles in our windows
* Singing Christmas Carols around the piano
* Watching a movie on Christmas Eve
* Christmas with the Missionaries
* Reading Luke II
*Performing a Christmas Service

December Fun

Christmas Sunday
I love getting all dressed up for the Sunday before Christmas. This year the girls looked especially cute in their matching plaid jumpers. If they look a little familiar it is because you have seen them before. Liddy Ann is wearing the jumper Jennah and Susanna wore when they were babies and Susanna is wearing the jumper Jennah wore three years ago. I found Jennah's matching jumper and blouse on E-bay.

We woke up to tons of snow on Sunday. We were worried about the huge pile of branches still left from the storm. They fill the space were the plows usually put the snow. As you can see in the picture the snow is now a little to close to our driveway. If we get any more snow I don't think we will be able to back out of our driveway. I called the city and they didn't seem to be worried about it. I even had the fire department come and see if it was a fire safety hazard and they responded "Oh don't worry we can still get to you if there is a fire." I bet if the snow was at the end of their driveway they would feel just a little bit different....... Fortunately it rained instead of snowed over Chrsitmas. The girls were disappointed they did not get to go sledding but at least I can rest easy until the next storm hits!

Visiting Santa Claus
We went to the mall on Tuesday night and it was super busy. I dressed the girls up just in case I decided to buy a picture. I have never bought one before so I had no idea how expensive they were. The minimum purchase was $25. One picture wth a jolly old elf is just not worth it. Burke and I decided to follow the rules and not take a "candid" of the girls with Santa so to document the event we took a few pictures while we stood in line. Both Susanna and Jennah told Santa what they wanted. Jennah asked for a princess necklace, a Cinderella doll and a doll castle. Susanna asked for an Ariel doll. The girls got reindeer hats and were so happy.

Liddy Ann Four Months

So my baby is four months old and I can't believe it!!! She weighed in at 13.3 lbs at her check in and is 25" long. That puts her in the 50th percentile. She is super happy and loves to smile. She can roll over from her tummy to her back and is cutting early teeth. The teething hasn't been very much fun and it is ruining her sleeping through the night pattern. I hope they will break through soon. She is slobbering on everything. We just love Liddy Ann she is so cuddly and cute. Here are some recent pics of my four month old!

13.3 lbs and 25" Long

Liddy's First Christmas

Yep she is ticklish

Picture Perfect

Still Loving that thumb

Her First Visit to Santa

Check out the slobber!!!

Thanks for the Tylenol Mom

She will chew on anything

Rolling Over

Check out those dimples!!!