Tuesday, September 29

I'm a Big Girl Now

Biddy has decided she is a big girl
and is ready to brush her teeth

She climbed up all by herself while we were
helping the other girls get their pj's on.

She knows she is awesome!!

They grow up way too fast.
Before you know it she is going to be flossing.

Mommy's Helper??

S......a and I get to spend a lot of time together now that J.....h is in school all day. She is a great help and especially loves to help me do the dishes. The other day I filled up the sink, shut off the water and let her "wash" while I straightened the house. A little while later I heard a sound that reminded me of running water......

Yep she had turned the faucet back on and the water was overflowing all over the counter and spilling onto the wood floors! It was a good reminder that three year olds still need constant supervision.

Fall Tradition

Every year we have lived in New England we go apple picking. Our favorite place is Red Apple Farm only 15 minutes from our house. They have farm animals, apples and this year we got there early enough for peaches.

Princess J took this picture of the baby pig.

We also got our cornstalks and pumpkins to
decorate the front porch.

I love decorating for fall and picked up some things post season last year. It is always worth the wait to have new decorations without having to break the bank.

Back to School Night

J.....h adores her teacher Miss B and made her a blue necklace (her favorite color) and drew her a picture.

Her cute picture posted on the wall.

J....h loved showing Daddy her classroom

Princess J's favorite swing

She is loving everything about Kindergarten. Her teacher says she is a joy to have in class and is learning very quickly. She is right on track with her beginning Kindergarten skills.

Sunday, September 20

The America I Remember

If you watch the news, follow pop culture or indulge in reality TV you might start wondering what has happened to America?! Have people forgotten about integrity, generosity and kindness? I grew up in an America where we walked to school every day, stopped to help a stranded motorist and made friends with the lady in the check out line. Am I the only one who feels like something is missing? In the midst of our busy lives have we forgotten what makes America great?

On our trip to Maine it was evidenced by the kind service of a complete stranger that the America I Remember is alive and well.

Our camera battery died in the middle of our adventure and I forgot to bring the charging cable. Burke knew how disappointed I was especially as we gazed out on the magnificent view from the Owls Head Light House. As I sighed with discontent he suggested I go ask a stranger to take our picture and then have them e-mail it to us. At first I balked at the idea. I wasn't going to bother someone over something as silly as a picture. It would be far more hassle then it was worth. Yet I also knew that if someone asked me I would be pleased to help them out. I approached a nice looking lady and her young son and sheepishly asked if she would be willing. She was so sweet and graciously waited for us to gather ourselves together for the picture and then waited again while I borrowed a pen from someone else and scribbled my e-mail on the back of a brochure.

As we parted ways I knew the chances were high that I would never see that picture and years down the road she would be wondering who the strange family in their picture album was. To my complete delight that sweet lady hung on to my e-mail address and took the time to send me the photo of our family.

I will treasure this photo. Not only does this picture represent the memories we made that day...Biddy and Daddy playing in the ocean, S......a gathering every sea shell she could find, and J.....h and Mommy touring a light house...

It represents the America I Remember!

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Sunday, September 13


I woke up Friday morning and felt like going to Maine. We have been in MA for four years and it was about time we went. We had a fabulous adventure. Enjoy!

We spent the afternoon wandering the streets of Portland.

Custom House

There was some very fun architecture

The Waterfront had lots of boats for the girls to admire.

The Big Cruise Ships were a favorite

My Girls have finally resigned themselves to my picture taking obsession.....

We left the city and headed out on a Light House Hunt.

Spring Point Light

Bug Light

The Architecture of this little light was wonderful.

Portland Head Light

We spent the night in Portland were the girls discovered a bathtub can be just as fun as a swimming pool!

On Saturday we drove an hour or so up the coast to explore some of Maine's hidden jewels....
Our camera battery died and I forgot the cable so these pictures are courtesy of Google image search:)

The girls gathered dozens of sea shells at
Birch Point State Park

Owls Head Light

Amazingly we ended up being in Maine on "Open Light House Day" a first of its kind event. J...... and I (S....... was too short and Biddy was too tired) got to follow in the footsteps of a light keeper and marvel in the view from the top. J...... really appreciated the "diamond" light that made beautiful rainbows. It was a special treat that we will always remember.
As I was quizzing J...... on the purpose of a light house we had this cute exchange
Mommy "Do you think the Ships out in the dark ocean could find their way safely into the harbor without any help?"
J...... "Well they could pray to Heavenly Father and he could help them be safe."
Who needs a light house when we have prayer!

We continued our drive up the coast to find a small town called Rockport. My parents both attended film school there and had often commented on how beautiful it was. They were right.

It was fun for J..... to know she was at a place where Grandma and Grandpa had been as well.

Grandpa told J....... about the "Oreo" cows that lived in Rockport so we went and found them.

We really enjoyed Maine and were so glad we made the trip this year.
Since January our little family has driven from Maine to Florida and survived to tell about it!