Wednesday, October 20

Birthday Girl


J..h Bear celebrated her 7th birthday on Sunday.  Her favorite color is purple.  I found this dress after Christmas and have been saving it for her birthday.  She is so grown up but just as sweet and silly as ever. 

133We invited a few families over to open presents and eat cake and ice cream.

136         She loved the gifts sent from her Grandparents in UT.



She helped me make an ocean themed cake since her birthday party was going to Sea World.


We call J..h our sweet girl for a reason.  She is so kind and loving to everyone, especially her sisters.  She is a true optimist who can see the bright side of everything.  Her enthusiasm for life shows in her smile and bubbles over in her cute giggle.  She wants to do her best and works hard in school.  She is very creative and uses her imagination to play, draw and create. She is super silly and is always making us laugh.  We love her so much and are so pleased at what a beautiful and talented girls she is.   


Tuesday, October 19

Sea World

Our good friends from Houston, who have girls close to the same ages as ours, drove up to go to Sea World and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with them.


It was also J…h’s birthday weekend and convincing her to go to Sea World rather then have a friend party was easy as pie.


She wore her birthday ribbon and she felt extra special when they sang to her on the Shamu ride.  110114

They girls loved going “trick-or-treating” under the sea.

105106         125


We had so much fun. 

Canyon Lake

We took advantage of the Columbus Day Holiday and Texas’  summer like October weather to do some “camping”.   The Air Force has a recreation area at nearby Canyon Lake and it was perfect.  I realize, now that J..h is in school, how important it is to vacation as a family.  The girls love being together and I love watching their silly spontaneous play blossom like it only can when you are away from the normal day to day routine.

The fun of camping with all the comforts of home.


Our trailer had a queen bed  (we brought up our memory foam topper and it was super comfy) bunk beds and a futon for Biddy.  He also had our own bathroom/shower, fridge, oven and microwave.



We took a morning walk to the Lake which was nice and warm and filled with sea shells.  








They gathered quit a collection.








Biddy preferred dry land.









Our daily visitors


They deer were very tame and loved to hang out at our camp because the girls put out carrots, apples, celery, and watermelon.


We saw lots of birds too but this was the only one that help still long enough for me to take a picture.


We spent the afternoons as the lake.

Susanna loved pretending to be a mermaid.


Jennah helped me build a mud mountain and volcano island. They turned out super cool. 

   046 048040

Nothing better then Dutch Oven cobbler!


Getting dirty is one of the hazards of camping.      Good thing Biddy didn’t mind.


My favorite part of camping….


Walking to the Docks.

075 078

Despite the rough seas we took the girls on a motor boat ride.  Susanna was not thrilled and Jennah got sea sick.


Biddy managed a smile but it didn’t stick around for all forty five minutes of the water torture.

080 082

After the ride they got to feed the fish and get an ice cream so there is some hope that they will have fond memories of the boat and step foot in one again.



A place for the birds to roost complete with snacks, water and some Texas Pride. 


Cute Campers 093 096

It's a bird...It's a plane...

It's Super Girl!!

Her power band socks allow her to destroy her enemies with the swoosh of a cape.

Tuesday, October 5

Not your typical Monday Play Group

Lucky for us one of the grandma's in our play group is a retired petting zoo owner.

You have to see it to believe it...

S..a (who screams in terror at the sight of a cat) rode the horse.
Surprise....she liked it!!
Biddy could not wait to ride on the "horsie."

She wasn't a bit scared of the goats either.
She let them eat right out of her hand.
S..a remained behind the fence.
She prefers to interact with animals from a safe distance.
We had such a fun day on our first Texas Ranch!