Thursday, January 20

New Year New School

My sweet S….a was put through the ringer in 2010. Change is hard for her and she went through more changes then any four year should have to endure. By the end of the year she had not only survived these changes she had conquered them. She learned that she can do hard things, have fun and be happy. I was so relieved and was looking forward to these next few months before summer came for us to enjoy our comfortable routine and be free from the constant worry. But as I have learned time and time again it is when we are most comfortable that the Lord reminds us that we have to keep moving forward or else risk falling behind.

It came to me that just being happy and comfortable was not enough for her. The fall would bring full day Kindergarten and if we didn’t use this time well S…a would not be ready. She needed more practice dealing with change. She needed to continue learning how to adapt and find joy in her ever changing world. So with a sigh and a heart full of hopeful determination I set out to discover what the next step would be. I felt the best thing for her would be an academic based, structured pre-school program. Finding one that was affordable, had an opening in the middle of the year and had school hours on the specific days I wanted was like asking for a miracle. Yet I knew the Lord had a plan laid out for S…a’s success and if I was determined I would find it.

It took a few days of searching, dozens of phone calls and a recommendation from a friend get our miracle. The phone conversation I had with the director of Triumphant Lutheran Pre-School was inspired and the minute I got off the phone we headed straight over to the school and signed S…a up. She was able to meet her teacher and even though S..a did not utter a word I knew right away that Miss Jaylene was going to make a big difference in S..a’s life. When we got back in the car S..a broke down in sobs. This was not going to be easy…when is it ever? I only had forty eight hours before her first day of school in which to prepare her.

We talked a lot about being brave and looked back over the last year at all the amazing things she had done. I helped her understand that it might be scary and hard but it was a new year and she was turning five! She was a growing into a big girl like her sister and she could do this. She latched onto that idea and with a spark of excitement she told me that she wanted to be big and needed a school uniform just like J…h if she was going to go to a real school. We went to the Target and picked out two pairs of pants- the first S…a has ever picked for herself- and some new tops. She even got a big girl back pack. It was so exciting.

The first day of school came and dressed in her “uniform” she walked right into her new classroom, set her things in her cubby and settled into her seat with out a tear. I could tell she was scared but determined to be brave. When I picked her up she greeted me with a smile and a hug that erased all my worries. On that first day she had made a new friend, written her name all by herself and conquered her fears.


Thursday, January 13

Adventures in Texas

We spent the week after Christmas exploring new parts of Texas with Grandma and Papa.

The Texas State Capital in Austin



Rudy’s BBQ lived up to all our expectations.  Truly the Best “Worst BBQ in Texas”



We toured the Lindon B. Johnson Presidential Ranch and Texas White House.  It was an hour drive from San Antonio and well worth the visit.


Enjoying a picnic lunch out in the gorgeous December weather.


The girls enjoyed seeing the long horn cattle with the presidential brand emblazoned on their horns.


L.B.J’s Air Force One


Presenting the future President of the United States of America


After the tour we drove through the Hill Country and stumbled upon the small town of Fredericksburg.


It was a darling town.  One might even call it “quaint”- which is quite a feat for Texas.  It still  couldn’t hold a candle to New England but the amazing Mexican food made up the difference.


My girls go berserk when they see statues of animals and can’t leave until we take a picture of them riding on it.  I don’t get it but it does make for fun pics. 


We drove home by way of Johnson City- best name ever! 

They had the most spectacular light display I have ever seen. 


This picture does not begin to do those trees justice. It was breath taking. 


My friend is a river boat captain and he gave us an amazing tour of the River Walk. We got to go the entire length which took several hours round trip.  The best part was going through the locks at the dam.  It was tons of fun. 


A few other highlights included my Mom playing the piano for me while I sang in Church,   Grandma and Papa taking the girls to see Tangled and just spending time playing and laughing together at home.  We loved their visit and can’t wait until they can come again.

Merry Christmas

Santa was at our house.                                         The Traditional line up.


Biddy was very upset when we wouldn’t let her go down stairs.


The tears were forgotten when she saw what Santa brought.


Biddy wouldn’t get out of her car for the world let a lone a stocking.

Santa fulfilled the girls Christmas wish lists by bringing them their Barbies and…. 


A Barbie House!!!! They were completely Surprised.  Santa and Mrs. Claus put in some long hours at the wood shop and the garage to make it special just for them.


We loved having Grandma and Papa there to share in the Christmas Magic.


It was a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and giving.  We took time to read the Story of the babe born in Bethlehem and ponder on the greatest gift we receive at Christmas and every day of our lives…The gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.