Saturday, March 24

Mini Golf


I love Groupon deals.  Mini Golf for the whole family for $15.  We had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again. 


Biddy gave up on the putter and started dropping the ball in the hole.


Zana was a great sport and even let Daddy help her hit the ball.


JJ worked hard at perfecting her technique and got pretty good.


These girls sure know how to strike a pose!

Saturday, March 17

Spring Break Blues

The girls helped me plan a fun filled spring break.  We had plans to make every day special.  Then the inevitable happened and the girls were sick almost the whole week.  JJ got the worst of it but was a good sport about having to postpone all our plans.  They were finally feeling better by St. Patricks Day so we made sure to do some fun things to celebrate the holiday.  I made green clover pancakes for breakfast, we did a craft and went on a hunt for four leaf clovers.