Sunday, September 20

The America I Remember

If you watch the news, follow pop culture or indulge in reality TV you might start wondering what has happened to America?! Have people forgotten about integrity, generosity and kindness? I grew up in an America where we walked to school every day, stopped to help a stranded motorist and made friends with the lady in the check out line. Am I the only one who feels like something is missing? In the midst of our busy lives have we forgotten what makes America great?

On our trip to Maine it was evidenced by the kind service of a complete stranger that the America I Remember is alive and well.

Our camera battery died in the middle of our adventure and I forgot to bring the charging cable. Burke knew how disappointed I was especially as we gazed out on the magnificent view from the Owls Head Light House. As I sighed with discontent he suggested I go ask a stranger to take our picture and then have them e-mail it to us. At first I balked at the idea. I wasn't going to bother someone over something as silly as a picture. It would be far more hassle then it was worth. Yet I also knew that if someone asked me I would be pleased to help them out. I approached a nice looking lady and her young son and sheepishly asked if she would be willing. She was so sweet and graciously waited for us to gather ourselves together for the picture and then waited again while I borrowed a pen from someone else and scribbled my e-mail on the back of a brochure.

As we parted ways I knew the chances were high that I would never see that picture and years down the road she would be wondering who the strange family in their picture album was. To my complete delight that sweet lady hung on to my e-mail address and took the time to send me the photo of our family.

I will treasure this photo. Not only does this picture represent the memories we made that day...Biddy and Daddy playing in the ocean, S......a gathering every sea shell she could find, and J.....h and Mommy touring a light house...

It represents the America I Remember!

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Christina said...

Wow! That is an amazing story! It is always so nice to see nice, courteous, generous people out there! What a great picture, too!

Kathy said...

Beautifully said!

Jenny said...

AWESOME story. And AWESOME of you to feel comfortable enough to trust that someone might be happy to do something kind for you. I love it. And I love the idea of Paying it forward.

Becky said...

What a great story. I swear, you are the only person I know who would be brave enough to ask and find someone who would be gracious enough to do that. Very cool.