Friday, October 16

The Witch Game

This is the best game in the whole wide world J.....h and S......a both love to play it too. Here is how we play.

Mommy pretends to be a wicked witch with evil power. She comes to take over the kingdom ( i.e. the play room) from the princesses. The only way to stop the witch is to put everything in piles. However this doesn't work for long. The witch flies off to gain more evil power leaving the princesses behind to prove that their good power is stronger then hers by making one of the piles disappear. This continues until all the piles disappear and the wicked witch's evil power is stripped away. She then transforms into a good fairy who rewards the princesses with crystal candy for freeing her from the evil spell. Every now and then the prince ( Burke is such a good sport) comes to lend his power to the princesses. J.....h knows this game cleans the play room but she doesn't care; she loves to play anyway.


Jenny said...

You have so much positive energy!
I just quit having a playroom all together by the time Mason was old enough to know. Now I have a play closet.