Thursday, October 29

29 on the 29th

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I was thinking back to last year and that cute photo montage I posted of myself and I must have been pretty bored that day!! No boredom this year in fact I think I have gone


To prove it are pics of all the rooms in my house.
Be afraid .... Be VERY afraid!!!

Oh if you didn't guess we are moving and if you want to know why and to where you will have to call and wish me a Happy Birthday:)

Thursday, October 22

Princess Birthday

J....h wanted a princess birthday party this year so Grandma and Papa sent her a beautiful dress to wear on her special day!

Six Years Old!!!

All her friends came in character

J.....h helped me plan all the activities for the party.

The Tiara and Crown decorating was a big hit

J....h acted like a true princess and showered her guests with
lots of thank yous. She was so excited to open the present from her
cousin that came all the way from Utah!

J.....h's wish for a Flower Princess Cake was granted!

Her Fairy Godmother did it without a magic wand!
(Just hours and hours with a flower nail!)

We played a create your own fairytale game where the
princesses encountered lots of scary ghosts and skeletons.
Good thing the Cowboy and the Knight came to the rescue!

J......h taking a swing at the Unicorn Pinata

What princess party would be complete without a Ball?

Arms Length!!!

After the party J.....h gave me a big hug
"Thank You Mommy. This was the best birthday ever!"
We Love You Princess

Friday, October 16

The Witch Game

This is the best game in the whole wide world J.....h and S......a both love to play it too. Here is how we play.

Mommy pretends to be a wicked witch with evil power. She comes to take over the kingdom ( i.e. the play room) from the princesses. The only way to stop the witch is to put everything in piles. However this doesn't work for long. The witch flies off to gain more evil power leaving the princesses behind to prove that their good power is stronger then hers by making one of the piles disappear. This continues until all the piles disappear and the wicked witch's evil power is stripped away. She then transforms into a good fairy who rewards the princesses with crystal candy for freeing her from the evil spell. Every now and then the prince ( Burke is such a good sport) comes to lend his power to the princesses. J.....h knows this game cleans the play room but she doesn't care; she loves to play anyway.

Look Alikes

I was looking through some of my Dads family pictures and it was clear that Biddy takes after the Craven side of the family!

My Dad when he was One

My Aunt Radawn and Grandma Craven

Can you guess who I take after?

Me when I was one

Kind of fun! Who do you look like?

Couldn't Help Myself

Here are S.....a. and J.....h with their Look Alikes...



J.....h and Grandma Johnson

Thursday, October 8

Biddy's First Word


Biddy loves shoes.
They are just the right size for her hands:)

She wears them on her hands and then crawls
around the house grinning and saying "shu" "shu" "shu".
It is sooo cute!!

S.......a's shoes are her favorite.
I stopped bothering to put them away
because they make her sooo happy.

I love this picture of her wearing
the Sister Missionary's shoes.

Shoe is the perfect first word for Biddy!!!

Sunday, October 4

Princess J's Story

Hi this is J.....h When I was at school I wanted to get my tooth out so I could get a prize under my pillow. I just got to the bottom of my really loose tooth and then it just popped off! I showed my teacher and I got to go to the nurse to get a tooth necklace and when I got back home we took pictures of it. Then when Daddy came home I lost my tooth so I took my other tooth out and put it under my pillow and the tooth fairy came and brought me a littlest pet shop. So I lost two teeth.

Hi this is S......a and I didn't lost two teeth. I don't have any loose teeth because I don't want loose teeth I am too little.

Hi this is the Tooth Fairy and I was wondering when children stopped getting quarters under their pillows and began requesting toys? I hate breaking little girls hearts but it sure is getting expensive.