Tuesday, January 26

Tough or Crazy?

My poor hubbie tripped on some shoes coming into the garage last night and hurt his left ankle. It was really scary looking and he said he heard it "crack". It was too late to do anything last night so we iced it, wrapped it and went to bed. I brain stormed all night who I would call to watch the girls so I could take Burke to the doctors etc so we could find out if he broke it. However when I woke up in the morning Burke was not in bed...or even at home. Despite his injury he got up at 5 AM and drove himself (with a standard transmission) to the carpool spot and had gone into work. When I talked to him he was pretty sure it was just a bad sprain since he was able to hobble around on it. He also reminded me how when he was young he broke his color bone playing football and didn't get it diagnosed until a week later because it still hurt after he helped his dad build a cinder block fence!!! So if it was broken time would tell. My vote is on crazy what do you think?


Emily said...

I say crazy, but I tend to walk off my sprains too. If you decide to get it checked out, I would be happy to watch the girls for a bit!

Tiffany said...