Monday, December 27

Christmas Parties

S…a’s Joy School had their Christmas party at our home complete with a nativity pageant and musical program. Getting up in front of people and performing is very scary for her.  We practiced a lot and talked about being brave.  They performed the program at a rest home the week before and she did an amazing job singing all the songs and playing her part as a wise man.  She was very excited to perform for us at our house and did a great job once again.  She loves Joy school and has learned so many things; most important is that she can do hard things. 



The next evening we hosted our 4th annual Christmas Singing Program.  There was a great turnout and we had so much fun.  There are so many musically talented people in our area and we enjoyed performances  from three BYU music majors and a few wanna be’s like myself. 


It was glorious to sing Christmas carols with my friends till almost midnight!