Monday, April 15

Spring in Ohio

One thing we really missed while living in TX was the changing of the seasons.  I especially love spring. In anticipation of a beautiful spring we planted bulbs in our flower bed last Fall. Once the snow melted we began waiting eagerly for the new blooms to to open.  The weather warmed up overnight and when the girls left for school one morning they were greeted by beautiful daffodils. Zana was dressed in her new spring outfit we found at the second hand store.  She looked so springy I had to snap a shot of her too.


The joy of seeing the fruits of our labors inspired us to do more gardening.  We have always been hesitant to garden in a temporary place but since we should be here for at least two more summers we decided it was worth it.  Burke made us a garden box and we planted it with a few of our favorite vegetables.  Two tomato plants, a cucumber, green pepper, lettuce, spinach, zucchini and two pumpkin plants.  We plan on adding another box along the fence to grow some beans and strawberries.  The girls had a great time going to the nursery to pick out the plants and help plant them in the garden.


Planting our garden went right along with our family night theme this month of service.  As we planted we talked about self reliance and the command from our Latter Day Prophets to plant a garden.   Over the summer our income is going to be cut and we will be on a tight budget.  Our garden will help us cut our grocery budget and we can share the harvest with our neighbors and other families effected by the furlough.  The girls really got in the spirit and gained an understanding of why we work so hard to be self reliant.