Wednesday, June 12

Nellie at 12 Months


Nellie has brought so much joy to our lives over the last 12 months.  Her happy disposition and bright beautiful smile continue to fill every day with sunshine.  I love her little giggle, her sloppy kisses, and her spontaneous hugs. Nellie is constantly talking in her cute baby language.  She doesn’t talk with one or two words, but a whole sentence of cute sounds accompanied by lots of hand gestures and head nodding.  It seems like she knows exactly what she is saying. Even though we don’t have a clue, we smile and talk right back.  Jennah is especially good at baby talk and the two of them can carry on a lengthy conversation.


Nellie is not walking yet but that doesn’t slow her down. She is an expert crawler, cruzer and climber. She often gets stuck when she climbs up something and then can’t get down. She sits there and calls to me until I come find her.  She loves to sneak into the girl's rooms and mess up all their toys, play in the toilet water and empty my dish towel drawer.


Nellie loves to eat table foods.  She had given up on her bib- rips it right off every time- so keeping her clean is a challenge.  I got tired of changing her clothes three times a day so most of the time she eats in her birthday suit.  


She loves to play outside. Because she is still crawling her little toes get black with dirt.  She doesn’t seem to  mind we let her have her fun.  She has stopped putting sticks, dirt and rocks in her mouth so that is a relief. Her new favorite toy is the red car.  She is content to sit inside and let her Sisters push her around the block.

Nellie has grown up so fast and we can’t wait to see all the fun things she learns to do in the next year.