Saturday, August 23

My "other" children

Yep Jennah and Susanna are still around. Here are some cute, fun and absolutely ridiculous pictures to prove it.

I suprised the girls with new gowns for their Barbies. I found an e-bay store that sells them at a great price.

The girls helped me build a "castle" tent so their Barbies could go to the ball.

The girls love to dress up to dance and sing to the Little Mermaid sound track.

Pretty Princess

Jennah's crown slipped down right as I took this picture. Jennah thought it was so funny she wore her crown like sunglasses the rest of the evening.

Classic bum shot!

The trees outside are coverd in little berries. Jennah stands on her picnic table and collects them by the buckets. Burke has been a good sport and has attended a dozen tea parties. He even helps her decorate her pies. This is her favorite culinery creation.

Burke stumbled across these costumes in a "free stuff" pile down the street. It yeilded hours of play for the girls and the best entertainment Burke and I have had in months.

Jennah wanted to watch the zoo animals movie to help them be better bears and ducks.

Susanna watching tree climbing 101

Tuesday, August 19

One Week Old

The girls greeted Liddy Ann with smiles on her one week anniversary. They Love to hold Liddy and tickle her toes. Jennah calls her a "little cookie".
The nick -name just might stick.

Jennah got to come with me to Liddy's first doctor visit.

She was wide awake and happy.

Liddy Ann did not cry during her exam. She is such a good natured little girl.

Friday, August 15

Who's Who ?

Just for fun can you tell which baby is Jennah....Susanna.... Liddy? Who do you think Liddy looks like?

Liddy's First Days

A Photo Diary ( for Grandma)