Saturday, January 3

Living the Dream

This is the first of many posts about Burke's Truck or at this point trucks. Let me begin at the beginning....

It has been Burke's life long dream to have a Truck that he could be proud of. When he got home form his mission he started on the path by buying a 1986 Toyota pick up truck. In an act of true responsibly and love he sold the truck while we were dating to get an economic, low mileage commuter car. Eight years of focusing on the family, getting an education and managing a tight budget dashed all dreams of truck ownership. Resigned to his fate Burke stopped asking for tools for Christmas, banished his air compressor to the corner of the basement, and outfitted the trunk of his car for wood hauling. Then last year a miracle happened. A friend offered Burke a truck. Oh not just any truck a 1990 Toyota V6 pickup with 4 wheel drive, no rust (from California) and only 88,000 miles! The price... free!! The catch... Burke would have to get it running. We jumped at the chance for Burke to have a truck of his own and set aside a small sum to help him re-build the truck. Burke's plan was to track down another Toyota that he could pull a good engine from. After months of searching he found a diamond in the rough; a rusted out Toyota whose re-built engine had only 20,000 miles on it!!!! A trip to NY and $650 later the dream was re-born and the journey to the Prefect Truck has begun.

  • June Burke Acquires 1990 Toyota Pickup from Brother Stokes

  • August Burke sells the bed and shell

The Bad engine (blown head gasket and maybe more)

  • September Burke buys an aluminum flat bed from Craig's List

It is similar to this style ( just not as shiny). Burke dreams of having the tool boxes, rack and some wicked mud flaps too.

  • November Burke purchases rusted out Toyota truck with re-built engine

The Good Engine

  • December Burke parks both trucks in our back yard

  • January Burke begins the restoration (replace this door with door from white truck)


Christina said...

That is so amazing! Dreams do come true! Hard work, patience, and putting others first does pay off! That is quite the project! I bet he is in heaven!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

How amazing! good luck with the truck!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh... I wondered what was going on with that truck! I'm going to have to let Roger Jr. look, too. And YES... funny that we meet in cyber space through your friend Elisabeth! Although I have peeked at your cute blog many times in the past--I don't think I've been back since before Liddy was born, though. AND--I found your other blog co-authored with Bryanna! I can't wait to peek at that! :)

Tiffany said... there anything Burk CAN'T do??? I'm glad he's on his way to his truck!

The Henrich Family said...

what a fun project, Burke. GOOD LUCK!