Tuesday, September 7


S..a is a preschooler. She just melts my heart, despite her drama:) I think most four year old girls are dramatic. All smiles and kisses on moment then tears and tantrums the next. I was nervous about pre-school since things that are new and different scare her. There have been a lot of changes in her life over the past two months and it has been trying at times. However pre-school has been wonderful. It is just what she needs. She loves having something special just for her and she is making friends quickly. We are doing a joy school with seven other LDS moms. She goes to a different house each week so this will be a great opportunity for her to learn how to adjust to new places and new people.

We have implemented a 7pm bedtime for the school year and I am so glad. She doesn't nap and I think she was sleep deprived a lot of the summer. With the new bedtime she wakes up all smiles in the morning. She has been eating her breakfast and has been more cheerful and cooperative through our morning routine. I am so proud of her. She is really growing up!