Saturday, September 18

Friday Night Football...

...With Daddy

It seems we moved to a town famous for it's high school football.
They have an impressive stadium that backs the claim and
J..h has been waiting all summer to attend a game.
It was raining but she was determined to go.
Burke made her a "poncho" so she would stay dry.
Fortunately the rain did not last long and they got to enjoy the game.
The game started at 7pm and I didn't think she would last past 8:30.
J..h was having so much fun cheering "Go Red Go" that they didn't roll in till 10pm!
Burke was beaming as he tucked his little football fan in for the night.
I have a feeling Friday Night Football will be a recurring event.

Thursday, September 16

Open House

J...h had so much fun giving us a tour of her school.
Sporting her "picture day" dress.

She loves First Grade.

Her teacher Mrs. Dufault is wonderful. The other day she came home so excited and exclaimed "I think my teacher likes me." When I asked why, J..h told me that her teacher calls her J.J. and said "Everyone knows that nick names are special!"

She got straight 100's on her first progress report and we are
seeing huge improvements in her reading and writing already.
J...h is very obedient and respectful at school.
She is demonstrating how they walk in the hall.
Hands clasped behind the back and walking on the second tile.
We are so proud of her

Sunday, September 12

Needle Cases

This was a challenging yet fun project. I was asked to make knitting and crochet needle cases for my sister. I used the leftover fabric from her pillows. I looked at a some online then created my own pattern. Lets just hope they are as functional as they are fashionable.

P.S. They are shipping tomorrow:)

Buttercup Bag Second Edition


I love how this one turned out!






  064  062











The Bag that Started it All


My friend Bryanna and I made these bags back in May.  It was so much fun.  I love this bag since it is big enough to carry everything and the kitchen sink!  067

We copied the ruffle design from a couture bag that sells on Etsy for $240.  Our cost $15 bucks.  Love it!


It is never a good idea to sit your two year old in the same vicinity as a jar of peanut butter005006 008012018 014







A Clever Disguise...

For the Potty Seat

Saturday, September 11

Never Forget

Where were you nine years ago today...

I was at our Wall Street Apartment getting ready for class when Burke called... "Turn on the television" was all he said before he hung up. The image of a smoking and flaming twin tower met my eyes. I sat on the floor in front of the television and watched with shock and horror as the plane hit the second tower. I dragged myself from the television and went to class at the University of Utah. I don't remember class that well. I don't think we were paying all that much attention. I left class and walked to the cafeteria where I knew there was a television. The lounge was filled with students, probably fifty or more sitting in silence. I found a spot on the floor and sat on my backpack. I was going to be there for a while. The new images that I saw were even more shocking and horrifying. The towers crumbling, people running and screaming, firefighters and medics dragging bodies through a cloud of ash. Tears poured down my cheeks and as I gazed at the faces of my fellow students I saw that I was not alone in my grief. I called Burke, " I love you". I called my Mom and Dad, "you are the best parents in the world". My sisters, "You are my best friends! I love you."

I sat across from an Arab as I rode the bus home that afternoon. His face was blank, an expression that revealed no guilt, shame, or remorse. I studied that face trying to read something. I didn't care that he could read me like a book. My eyes questioning whether it was his father, cousin or friend who had caused the terror I saw that day. Looking back I wish I could have smiled at him; shown him my that my heart was not hard, just broken. I suppose it is the gift of time that allowed my heart to heal so that I don't see people and religion the same way today as I did on September 11th. Yet the gift that heals can also destroy. If we let time erase the evidence and silence the voices we will fail our country. Our hearts need to break again today. We should let new tears fall for the loved ones left behind, the soldiers fighting far from home and lives still being lost today. Never Forget September 11th. Never Forget to Fight for Freedom and Never Forget that it is God in whom we Place our Trust.

Thursday, September 9

Pillows for Jennie

I helped my sister with re-decorating by making some custom pillows and tie backs for her living room( pics here) I was pleased with how they turned out and she loves them as well.

It has been so fun to dive into my hobbies again. Thanks Jennie for letting me be involved in such a fun project!

Tuesday, September 7

I love free stuff!

Burke inherited a really nice smoker from a co-worker and we are sooo excited. We smoked our first ribs for Labor Day and they were awesome (thanks for the tips Dad). I love how inexpensive meat is in TX compared to MA. It won't be long before we are real Texas BBQ pro's. (Just another reason to come visit us:)

Got Yogurt!

Biddy loves yogurt. I buy four huge containers of the yopliat yogurt( the only kind that doesn't have the little pieces of fruit in it which none of my girls like) and she can go through them in a week. She eats it with spoon and then she will drink it out of the bowl. When she is done she has yogurt in her nose, her hair and hands. Today I though I would try it in a cup. I thinned it with milk- stretch the budget:) so it was easier to drink. She ate/drank two cups full for breakfast and still wanted more! What a silly girl.

On another note she is doing amazing with the potty training. In fact I can honestly say we are not training any more. I was skeptical that three day potty training on her second birthday would work. But since my potty training experiences so far where nightmares I had nothing to loose. It was the best choice ever. There was absolutely no power struggle and Biddy loves the potty. It has been almost a month and our every twenty minute trips to the potty are over. Now she tells me when she needs to go potty and can hold it until we get there. She still wears pull ups for naps and night time but we are full time panties other then that - even when we go on extended shopping trips! I am so proud of her.

First Attempt

Her is my first attempt at a "buttercup bag" (pattern found here). I learned a lot making this one and hopefully my next one will look a little more like it's supposed to:) They sell these on Etsy for $30 but you can send me a 1/2 yard of fabric and a magnetic snap closure and I'll make you one for free.

New Talent

J..h has discovered a new talent as a public speaker. It was her turn to give the scripture in Primary on Sunday. We practiced so she was prepared to recite it from memory. Primary is always a little noisy and the teachers had little succes keeping the kids revernt during the talks. The noise level hit a crescendo as J..h stood took her place at the podium. She started reciting the scripture but the microphone was not very loud and the kids where not paying attention. So she leaned right into the microphone and started over, speaking in a loud clear voice. The room was silent and even the sunbeams had their eyes on her. At the close of her confident delivery the children couldn't help but burst into spontaneous applause. Of coarse Burke and I did all we could not to burst into giggles. J..h sat down with a huge grin on her face. She knew she had nailed it.


S..a is a preschooler. She just melts my heart, despite her drama:) I think most four year old girls are dramatic. All smiles and kisses on moment then tears and tantrums the next. I was nervous about pre-school since things that are new and different scare her. There have been a lot of changes in her life over the past two months and it has been trying at times. However pre-school has been wonderful. It is just what she needs. She loves having something special just for her and she is making friends quickly. We are doing a joy school with seven other LDS moms. She goes to a different house each week so this will be a great opportunity for her to learn how to adjust to new places and new people.

We have implemented a 7pm bedtime for the school year and I am so glad. She doesn't nap and I think she was sleep deprived a lot of the summer. With the new bedtime she wakes up all smiles in the morning. She has been eating her breakfast and has been more cheerful and cooperative through our morning routine. I am so proud of her. She is really growing up!