Friday, January 13

Girls Week

I finally spoiled myself and spent a week in UT with my Mom and Sisters.  I left Burke behind to take care of the kids.  Knowing they were in in such good hands left me to enjoy the time with my family.  I have three new nieces and nephews that needed lots of snuggle and kisses.  We spent every day together and did some fun stuff including touring the New Natural History Museum, shopping, eating out at yummy restaurants, strolling Temple Square, visiting with my Grandparents, getting cute new haircuts, talking, laughing and more talking.   I love my famiy so much and am determined to make girls week an annual event. 



I took this picture because Azure butterflies are JJ and Zana’s favorite kind. 



Wednesday, January 11

Happy Birthday Daddy

Burke turned 34 on January 11th.  The girls helped me make him a giant sugar cookie to celebrate.  He got some fun presents and lots of love from his girls.  Burke and I had a nice lunch at the Olive Garden without the kids.  I sure do love my hilarious, handy and handsome husband.  He is a huge blessing in my life. 

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Tuesday, January 10

It’s A . . .


I have to admit I was a little nervous about the thought of having a boy.  It would be a big change for me.  Although I know I would love a boy and everything would be fine it freaked me out a little to think about all that boy stuff.  I was thrilled to find out it was a another girl.  She is going to fit right in at our house and have all the clothes, toys and cute pink stuff she needs. 

The news did not even phase Burke who had been calling our baby a “she”from the beginning   He is a great girl daddy. 

The girls were excited too.  They wanted a brother but when I reminded them how stinky boys are the agreed a sweet little girl was much better.

The ultrasound showed us a perfect baby ten finger and toes.  She is measuring just right and has developed everything properly. We can’t wait to welcome this new little girl into the family on June 16th.