Saturday, May 26

Baby Shower

My best friends Melanie and Heather hosted a real baby shower for me!!! It was so sweet and I loved every detail.  They really put in a lot of effort and I can’t thank them enough.  It was wonderful to celebrate with all my favorite girl friends.  I was spoiled with fabulous presents that were super practical and still fun. I felt so loved.


Monday, May 21

Busy May

We had a lot to do this month  in preparation for the end of the school year and for the new baby to come. 

I made two nursing covers out of some cute fabric my sister gave me.

IMG_0489  IMG_0487IMG_0467IMG_0468

I am not the only one worn out by my sewing. . .


Susanna got to make a Fiesta Float for the parade at school.  It was a lot of fun creating it as a family.  Everyone added something the the float to make it special.


Biddy loved the parade.


The Girls also had a book character parade at school.  They both dressed up as their favorite “American Girl”.


Jennah was Samantha and Susanna was Kit.


They looked so cute and got lots of compliments.

Jennah had her final piano recital with Miss Sherri.  She played three pieces completely from memory and did a wonderful job.  I am so proud of how hard Jennah works at the piano.  She practices every day without me having to remind her.  She is gaining a real appreciation for music and is going to be a great pianist someday.


Sunday, May 13

Mothers Day

Being a stay at home mom is not always easy. There are so many days when you feel frustrated and unappreciated. But I never feel that way on Mothers Day. This year Burke and the girls sure made me feel special. Burke got me flowers and did all the cooking and cleaning while I took a nap.  I was showered with wonderful gifts and handcrafted cards made with lots of love.  The highlight was reading this sweet poem JJ wrote for me. 

            A little sweet and love with a lot of care and some nice in her to  makes a special person that is Mom. She was made by Heavenly Father and I am so happy he made her for me.

I LOVE being a mom.  It is the best job in the world.


Sunday, May 6

Zana’s 6th Birthday



Zana is Six Years Old!!! She is our sweet girl.  I just love how her bright eyes sparkle when she smiles.  She loves to sing and be silly.  Zana is super smart and is a great beginning reader.  She loves to play imaginary games and her favorite show is My Little Pony.  Susanna shares a room with J.J. and they are wonderful friends.  She is also a good big sister to Biddy and plays with her so well.    She helped make her giant cupcake cake and shared it with friends who came over to wish her a happy birthday.


We went to an old fashioned amusement park in down town San Antonio for her birthday adventure.  She got to invite her best friend from church to come with us.  It was so fun for the girls to get to ride as many rides as they wanted for as long as they wanted.  They got to eat all the carnival treats they wanted and we stayed and played for hours.  



She was spoiled with lots of thoughtful presents.  Jennah made her a very special LaLa Loopsy card and Grandma and Papa gave her two new Loopsy dolls.  Her friend gave her squinkies and a jewelry kit.  Grandma Johnson sent her a new mermaid doll and her cousins sent a beautiful princess nightgown.  Lets not forget the light fairy from her Sisters and  a Wiggle Pet Machine from Mom and Dad.


Tuesday, May 1


My friend Melanie and I had a chance to break away for lunch while our hubbies watched the kids.  It was so much fun to indulge in hours of girl talk over Italian style Panini's and gelato.   She is one of my best friends here in Texas and I am going to miss her like crazy when we move.  She is always there to listen to all  my crazy plans and helps\ me solve any problem big or small.  She shares my obsession with Vampire Diaries, appreciates my cheesy sense of humor, and indulges my need to be the center of attention.  She is smart and funny and is an awesome Mom.  She is my life-line; always willing to watch my kids at the drop of a hat.  I am so lucky to have her and so many other great friends in my life.  All my Texas girlfriends make me laugh, help be be a good Mom, and inspire me to be a better me. I love them all and am glad we will be forever friends.      


Blue Bonnets

San Antonio is famous for it’s spring wildflower’s, particularly the vibrant colored blue bonnets that grow in the wild patches of grass on the sides of freeways, abandoned fields and everywhere in between.  Last year the area was suffering from drought conditions so we did not see single blue bonnet.  Fortunately the rain came back this spring and so did our chance to take pictures with the famous wildflowers of San Antonio.