Saturday, March 16

Grandma and Papa’s Visit

We love it when my parents come to visit.  It was especially fun because it was the first time they got to stay in our new house.  They flew in well after midnight so the girls made a beautiful poster to welcome them because they were all asleep.  The girls were still in school most days so we kept things pretty low key. 

We took a tour of the Wright Brothers Historical Monument.

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We visited the Museum of Art in Cincinnati and toured the Museum of the US Air Force. 

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When the girls were in school Grandma, Papa, Biddy, Nellie and I got to go explore some of Dayton's most beautiful neighborhoods, eat lunch at a famous hot spot.  We stopped in at the Esther Price Candy home store to buy some Easter treats and got a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny.

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Grandma and Papa got to attend Zana’s 1st grade play.  She did a good job being a star and shining her light.  Performing on stage is really scary for her so we were especially proud of her for doing a few dance moves and even singing a little bit.

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Mom and I had a chance to do some shopping, and get Shelac manicures at the Spa   while Grandpa watched the little ones. Grandpa got a kick out of how Biddy eats a Sam’s Club Churro- licking all the cinnamon and sugar.

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