Tuesday, January 13

Liddy Five Months Old

The months just keep rolling by and she keeps getting bigger, cuter and busier

Liddy eating her first cereal.
She was watching me eat tomato soup with such intensity that I decided to give her a taste. She was so excited that I broke out the cereal and off we went.
She also loves to eat baby puffs. Jennah and Susanna are more than happy to help....

She is always smiling when she is in her high chair anticipating her next meal.

Cute little messy face!

Watch out Alfalfa....Liddy's hair does this all on its own.

Thanks to the Brimhal family for lending us this bouncer. Liddy looks like such a big girl bouncing and playing away.

Burke's Day

If you know my husband at all you might understand the problem I have with trying to celebrate his birthday. Now that Jennah has an opinion as to what a birthday should be I try a little harder to make a fuss without making Burke feel uncomfortable. I think we found a good balance this year but you be the judge....

Burke's Ideal Birthday
Hang out on the couch and watch football with Jennah. Eat a casual dinner that does not include birthday cake or singing of any kind. Take all the money from presents that we would have surprised him with to buy stuff for his truck.

Corinne's Ideal Birthday for Burke
Have a house full of friends over to celebrate( oh at least 15 people). Make Burke his favorite dinner. Sing happy Birthday while Burke blows out candles on the dessert of his choice. Open lots of presents, take lots of pictures and in general make a super big deal about Burke turning 31.

Jennah's Ideal Birthday for Daddy
Lots of balloons, all her friends over, tons of presents, and football themed decorations. Most importantly, a chocolate rainbow frosted cake "just like the one 'frog' had for his b-day" with ice cream and orange happy birthday candles.

Susanna's Ideal Birthday for Daddy
Same as Jennah (are you surprised?)

Burke's Actual Birthday
Burke agreed to let me invite the Brimhal family over for a quiet birthday dinner. I made his favorite; apricot chicken. We had sparkling cider to mark the special occasion but absolutely no toasts. Then Eric and Burke helped themselves to a slice of cheesecake and spent the evening watching football. During a quick break in the game we opened a few presents. The girls got Daddy a yellow tie and I got him some mechanics gloves and cash for the truck. No singing happy birthday, no hip hip hoorays, no blowing out candles and only two pictures but Burke was happy. I was pleased with how things turned out but Jennah was a bit confused......I think Burke will let her sing Happy Birthday to him next year:)

P.S. Thanks to my sisters who all managed to thoroughly embarrass Burke by calling on the phone and singing Happy Birthday to him. Only you can get away with that so Don't Ever Stop!

Saturday, January 3

Living the Dream

This is the first of many posts about Burke's Truck or at this point trucks. Let me begin at the beginning....

It has been Burke's life long dream to have a Truck that he could be proud of. When he got home form his mission he started on the path by buying a 1986 Toyota pick up truck. In an act of true responsibly and love he sold the truck while we were dating to get an economic, low mileage commuter car. Eight years of focusing on the family, getting an education and managing a tight budget dashed all dreams of truck ownership. Resigned to his fate Burke stopped asking for tools for Christmas, banished his air compressor to the corner of the basement, and outfitted the trunk of his car for wood hauling. Then last year a miracle happened. A friend offered Burke a truck. Oh not just any truck a 1990 Toyota V6 pickup with 4 wheel drive, no rust (from California) and only 88,000 miles! The price... free!! The catch... Burke would have to get it running. We jumped at the chance for Burke to have a truck of his own and set aside a small sum to help him re-build the truck. Burke's plan was to track down another Toyota that he could pull a good engine from. After months of searching he found a diamond in the rough; a rusted out Toyota whose re-built engine had only 20,000 miles on it!!!! A trip to NY and $650 later the dream was re-born and the journey to the Prefect Truck has begun.

  • June Burke Acquires 1990 Toyota Pickup from Brother Stokes

  • August Burke sells the bed and shell

The Bad engine (blown head gasket and maybe more)

  • September Burke buys an aluminum flat bed from Craig's List

It is similar to this style ( just not as shiny). Burke dreams of having the tool boxes, rack and some wicked mud flaps too.

  • November Burke purchases rusted out Toyota truck with re-built engine

The Good Engine

  • December Burke parks both trucks in our back yard

  • January Burke begins the restoration (replace this door with door from white truck)

The Thinker

Whenever you ask Jennah a question she pauses and places her finger on her temple. "Think, Think, Think" she says in an inquisitive little voice. It is so cute. When she comes up with the answer her face bust beams and she then proceeds to enlighten us.

She is really enjoying the PBS kids show Sid the Science Kid and we are finding all her "observations" very entertaining. She loves to draw "diagrams" and "charts". Today she was so excited to show me how the icicles were melting. I asked her why and "think,think,think. Well the sun is out today and it is melting them. Mommy they are changing from ice to water." Oh she is so smart!

Jennah's Imagination

Jennah is so cute and so silly. Her imagination always keeps us laughing. Each new day is an adventure and you never know what she will come up with. For example today she was playing a "Christmas Pony Game". She wanted to take a picture of them so you could see her game. The description, in her own words, explains what you are looking at.

"The ponies are all standing around the Christmas tree with their mother. The Christmas tree is made of princes doll clothes and a magic power necklace and a star. The tree was outside and we took the picture then the ponies went inside and went to bed then Santa Claus came and they woke up and opened presents. Pinkie Pie got a pretty pillow, statue and a kitty. The two baby ponies got their own bottles....Oh wait I have to tell you one more thing they wanted the pretty Christmas tree and got their magic flying things on so they could go to the magic peppermint forest to find the perfect tree."

Gotta love it!