Tuesday, April 20

Best Friends

My older sister Jennie has always been and is still my best friend (apart from Burke). I miss her like crazy and she must miss me a ton too since she used all her birthday money to buy a plane ticket and then left her three little boys to come and see me! It was the best visit and I can't help but miss her even more now that I am reminded why I love her so much! On Saturday I took her to my favorite building in Boston -the Library- and then we drooled over art at the MFA. On Sunday she taught me to crochet while we watched sappy movies and ate chocolate. Monday sunshine made for a perfect visit to the Ocean where we basked in the quaintness of New England's North Shore. Somewhere in the mix the girls stole a few minutes from me to play with Aunt Jennie and she did not disappoint. They love her too.

Thank you Jennie for the wonderful visit. I Love you!


Amy said...

That is just so sweet. I'm glad Jennie got to come and visit you. I bet you both had so much fun. I would be so sad if any of my siblings moved away, so I'm sure it's hard.