Tuesday, June 22

Wednesday in Nauvoo



The Nauvoo Temple  


Built in 1844 the Temple was burned by mobs as the Saints were driven from Nauvoo.  It was re-built by the Church in 2002.  The Temple was so beautiful and is truly a testament to the sacrifice of the early Saints. 




Horse Drawn Wagon Ride through historic Nauvoo


A view of the Mississippi River from Parley Street100_4451

Biddy was very tired so we had to exit the ride a little early and say goodbye to Nauvoo. 100_4453

We drove out to Carthage Jail so she could nap.  I had the opportunity to tour the jail first while Burke watched the girls.   

Joseph and Hyrum Smith

“In life they were not divided, and in death they were not separated!”

Martyred June 27 1844

100_4457  100_4458100_4463 100_4466100_4461 

I had a wonderful experience at Carthage.  It was witnessed to me by the spirit that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God.  I felt as if I could see him there at Carthage clearer then at any of the other sites we have been to.  It was there that he fulfilled his divine calling as prophet and sealed his testimony with his blood. I also gained a stronger testimony of the life and sacrifice of his brother Hyrum.  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church and that their sacrifice was not in vain.   

We drove to our hotel that evening grateful for what we saw and felt today.



Jesse said...

Glad to hear you are having a good trip, after the rocky start!! I love being able to check in on you here, since I wonder how things are going. Take care - enjoy these once in a lifetime opportunities!!!

Natalie Sue said...

So fun! We just missed you by 10 days! We were just there. Imagine if we would have seen you! So fun. I'm glad you got to go on this trip. We loved ours!!