Tuesday, August 3

Cat Fish

Burke and J..h finally got lucky and caught our first catfish from the local pond. 


They were good sized so we had some very nice fillets to eat.

I used a classic deep fried catfish and hush puppy recipe and then served it with some slaw.  Yum! 010

Well not quite.  I took my first bite and had to force it down.  Burke, with his sensitive pallet, was gagging across the table and then the girls piped up  “ Mom I don’t like cat fish” and “This is gross”.   It wasn’t that it was too fishy it just tasted like dirty, stagnant pond water.  I was disappointed that I would not have an unlimited supply of free delicious catfish to make all sorts of yummy dishes with.  The catfish you get in a restaurant is farm raised not pond raised and trust me there is a BIG difference!


Kellie said...

It looks like you guys are loving Texas! Your girls have such great imaginations, so fun. I wish you guys could have stayed longer in Utah I would have loved to see you. I might be sending Spencer out your direction in the next few months. He is looking at possibly commissioning in the AF (reserve) and will most likely have training out there. Maybe I can sneak out there too! We will see :)

Tiffany said...

LOL! Love the honesty! You would have fooled me, it looked picture perfect

The Henrich Family said...

WOW, Corinne. You guys are brave to actually take the fish home and eat them. I gotta give you an "atta girl" for trying. Looks like TX is treating you well. Love all the adventures!