Monday, August 23

First Grader

J..h was so ready to start school today. When I asked her if she was worried or nervous she replied "Nope. I am not worried about a thing." That's my girl!

J..h picked a purple shirt to wear on her first day. They have a school dress code. Stripe or solid polo shirt and solid color pants or knee length shorts. The dress code is going to minimize her morning routine which is good since her bus comes super early. She gets up at 6:20 to catch a 6:35 bus. I talked to the bus driver today and she is going to stop right in front of our house. Yeah! They have free breakfast at school every morning at 7 am. She loved it and I am sure she ate better then she would have at home. School officially starts at 7:30. Her teacher is Mrs. Dufault and J..h told me "She yells at the kids who are being naughty but I am good so I still like her." The highlights of her day were music class and watching "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" on the wall! Her school is only three years old and has state of the art projectors and computers in the classroom. Her favorite activity of the day was when they did their "papers" which I am guessing are worksheets. For lunch she had "the best corn dog ever".

School ended at 2:30 and she walked off the bus at 2:45. S..a was so excited to see her sister. We miss her already. J..h quickly completed her first homework assignment of the year and read her fifteen minutes before bed time; 7pm Sharp!! I am glad that J..h loves first grade and had such a perfect start to her school year.


Lindsey said...

Wow, i can't believe it. Wasn't it just yesterday we were going to elementary school??

Jesse said...

Wow!! That is early! At least she gets home early in the afternoon to be with her sisters. She looks sooooo grown up in that last picture - and so much like you. Andrew starts next Tuesday!