Thursday, March 24

Not her mothers daughter

I suck at sports.  I can honestly say that I am still afraid of the ball.  With the hope that Burke’s DNA will save my daughters from my fate I signed J..h up for softball.  We have been practicing with her bubble gum pink mitt and ball for a while now and she can catch and throw…..sometimes.  

Tonight was her first practice and my first time being a bleacher mom.  It was probably a toss up on who was most nervous.  She ran through the drills pretty good and then they went straight into catching and throwing in pairs.  I kept waiting for the moment when they would explain “ this is a baseball field… this is the the in field….this is the out field…. these are bases….”  it never came and before I could blink she was up to bat!!  In a panic I made sure the coach knew she had never held a bat in her life.  

He put her in position walked to the pitcher’s mound and said “see these numbers on the ball?  I want you to hit them.”  At that moment she rested her bat on her shoulder and the coach suggested “why don’t you take a practice swing hun.”   So J..h swung….. it looked pretty good to me and the coach must have agree because the next moment he was pitching.  Jennah swung again and smack.  She hit the ball!!  I was in shock.  Then I started screaming…everyone starting screaming… run! She dropped the bat and ran like the wind.  As the kids scrambled in the field she rounded the bases and planted her self on home plate with a grin.  That is right my daughter hit the ball and made a home run the very first time she EVER held a bat.  She is sooo not her mother’s daughter.  Lets just hope she can do it again.  


The Henrich Family said...

How exciting, way to go!